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Deciding When to Delegate

January 10, 2024
Leaders often refrain from delegating due to perceived risks, such as the fear of negative consequences for customers or the company. There is a more nuanced and risk-aware approach using the "Delegation Tree." Effective delegation is a skill that requires continuous refinement and collaboration with peers for mutual support and growth.
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4Q's - Flooding in Conflict

May 15, 2023
When our brains feel a threat, we shut down. This is often called neurobiological flooding. When flooding happens, creativity and rational thought are extremely limited. For most of our work, that is extremely damaging
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Time to Market - It’s Not Just About Speed

July 21, 2021
When I’m describing the Key Value Areas (KVAs) of Evidence-Based Management, I find Time to Market is often misunderstood to mean “just go faster.” We need to scrub off the scent of “we know what we need to do, we just need to do it faster.” In complexity, goals and execution have a lot of unknowns, and things emerge as we do the work. So, we will be unsuccessful if we choose to follow a plan, even if we do it faster.
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Turn Your Feedback Loop into an Echo Chamber

September 7, 2017
I want to address those of you who don't really want the feedback. I mean, as important as feedback is, and as many times as you've heard that the central point of a Sprint Review is feedback…you're tired of it. It's pesky. And it just gets in the way of you doing what you know is right anyway.