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Ask A Professional Scrum Trainer - Italian Edition

May 26, 2021
In questo episodio di Ask a Professional Scrum Trainer, i Professional Scrum Trainer Aniello Di Florio, Fabio Panzavolta e Massimo Sarti risponderanno alle vostre domande più scottanti su Scrum e sulle sfide che i vostri team stanno vivendo. (60:40 Minutes)

Using Jira to Practice Professional Scrum

May 25, 2021
In this video series, has worked with Atlassian University to design a set of videos to help Scrum practitioners improve how they use Jira while practicing Professional Scrum. This series is ongoing and will continue to evolve and grow over time.

Agile RPA

May 20, 2021
Does the A in RPA stand for Agility? Sometimes yes, generally no. Is this a problem? Probably. In this joint whitepaper, from UiPath, and Ingo Philipp, we explore why agile delivery frameworks (e.g., Scrum,Nexus) can be essential for scaling robotic process automation (RPA) to turn traditional enterprises into fully automated enterprises.

Why Experiment?

May 19, 2021
People in organizations are often afraid of running experiments. I have observed that approximately 70% of people responsible and accountable for products are reluctant to validate their assumptions by experimenting. There are several reasons for this hesitancy. The most common is misunderstanding what exactly the Agile experiment means. The second one is the negative result of the experiment. I always answer that this is fine that we have such a result! It means that there is no need to develop a solution that no one wants or does not fulfill users' expectations.

Five ways to Spot Fake Scrum

May 17, 2021
Fake Scrum is around us everywhere we go. It's unavoidable. Just look on the internet lookup fake Scrum right now and you're going to find all kinds of interesting articles that describe Scrum in very weird ways. There are at least five ways you can tell if you've got fake Scrum going on.

Xagility Podcast - Robert Annis and John Coleman discuss the Agile Manifesto, value and organizational agility

May 14, 2021
The term organizational agility is everywhere these days, but what does it really mean? Can we even define it at all? Deepen your understanding of the manifesto and why it is essential to implementing healthy agile that delivers meaningful value. Since its genesis, the agile manifesto has been subject to heavy analysis and subsequent criticism. Robert Annis and host Professional Scrum Trainer John Coleman begin the episode by discussing the lack of diversity and inclusion within the group that created the Agile Manifesto. Whilst acknowledging the limitations of the Agile Manifesto, Robert and John praise its strengths, embarking on a balanced discussion of the manifesto’s twelve principles including 21st-century nuances and examples. Using simple anecdotes, psychological theory, and of course, humor, this discussion guaranteed to give you a new perspective of the Agile Manifesto. Put your walking shoes on or find a comfortable sofa and tune in here to this inspiring episode! (1:11:58 Minutes)

A Higher Calling for Agile Coaching – Coaching Agile Teams Mini-Series | 2119

May 12, 2021
This episode of the Women in Agile Podcast is the final installment of the “Coaching Agile Teams” Mini-Series. Lyssa Adkins and host, Leslie Morse, explore the opportunity agile practitioners and agile coaches have to impact society on a global level. The episode has a balance of serious reflection and inquiry sprinkled with laughter, appreciation, and deep dreaming for the future.

7 Lessons Learned When Scaling and Aligning Outcomes Using Nexus

May 6, 2021
In this webinar, Anca Tanase and Ravi Verma recap their journey of scaling Professional Scrum across 21 teams using the Nexus framework. They share the key challenges they faced and the lessons they learned when scaling multiple Nexuses to form a Nexus+ of teams that were not only geographically distributed across 3 continents, but also represented 6 distinct organizations.