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Due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, we have paused all purchases and training in and from Russia.

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Unlock the Power in the Five Scrum Events

October 18, 2021
A Scrum Event is a meeting. So why don't we just call it that? Why create a new word? Given the poor reputation that meetings have, maybe it's not a surprise. Rather than replicate the name and pain of meetings, the Scrum Events are designed to replace them and be all that you need. The power of the Scrum Events is in the way they're time-boxed and in their purpose. Let's take a closer look.

Speed, Efficiency, and Value: Using Empiricism to Achieve Business Agility

October 7, 2021
Customers seek solutions that improve their outcomes, and organizations don’t know what will achieve this until they deliver something to them, measure the results, and adapt accordingly. Doing so, repeatedly, frequently, and with the smallest investment to achieve the greatest amount of feedback, is the essence of organizational agility. Organizations who master this succeed in today’s complex world. Learn more in this InfoQ article by Kurt Bittner.
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5 Easy Steps to Create a Product Backlog

October 7, 2021
The Scrum Guide has a lot to say about the Product Backlog, and rightly so. It's pivotal to everything a Scrum Team does. But one thing the Scrum Guide doesn't tell you, is how you create a Product Backlog. So, here's one way you can do exactly that.

Agility: An Outside-In Perspective

September 30, 2021
In this talk, Dave West, CEO of discusses the reality of agility and how it is the tip of a fundamentally different way of working required for the post-industrial age. He describes the elements of agility and how they weave together to provide the foundation for managing uncertainty, risk, and complexity.
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Motivational Debt — it will Fix itself, Right?

September 27, 2021
What drives you to achieve? Money? Promotion? Skill mastery? Whatever it is that motivates you, that’s okay — be thankful that you are motivated to move forwards. Without motivation in any form, you can personally and professionally stagnate to a point where you become a detractor in a team environment. This blog will explore how to avoid falling into that trap and some of the common dysfunctions it causes.
Blog Post

Living the Scrum Values in the Age of Remote Working

September 23, 2021
The past 18 months have been a whirlwind. Coronavirus, elections, inequality and conflict – a quagmire of micro and macro complexities that impact the feelings and behaviours of Scrum Teams. In my opinion, it would be fair to say that teams who consistently attempt to mitigate environmental and sociological complexities are ones that thrive. It is the purpose of this blog to explore how some Scrum Teams have successfully done this in an age of remote working by focusing on one thing – the Scrum Values.

10 Steps to Integrate Evidence-Based Management with Scrum in 21 Days or Less

September 9, 2021
In this webinar moderated by PST Ravi Verma with Anca Tanase, PST Magdalena Firlit and PST Nagesh Sharma, they propose one possible approach that evidence based Agile organizations can take to overcome these challenges. They will propose 10 steps that can be followed in 21 days or less to integrate EBM with Scrum to achieve these outcomes.
Blog Post

Why Kindness Matters

September 2, 2021
In this article Dave West discusses the importance of Kindness and the benefits agile teams get when people are thinking about kindness.
News Adds More Value for its Professional Scrum™ Certification Holders with Credly Digital Credentialing 

August 18, 2021, The Home of Scrum, today launched a new digital badging program for its Professional Scrum certification holders through Credly, the digital credentialing leader. Beginning next week, upon earning certifications, certification holders will earn a digital credential from Credly and existing certification holders will also be invited to add their certifications, further amplifying their achievement.
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Scrum in Ivory Coast — Africa

August 3, 2021
When talking about applying Scrum and Agile, we are hardwired to think about America and Europe, not about Africa. I must confess I am totally ignorant about the status of Scrum and Agile in Africa. Needless to say, I was excited to be invited to Ivory Coast for a PSM-1 and PSPO-1 training in the city of Abidjan.
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4 Ways Organizations Use Goals Poorly (and How EBM Can Help)

July 22, 2021
I am often asked how to create better goals. This comes up at the team level, and it also comes up for the wider organization. When we are dealing with complexity, there is no one right way, no perfect template, and no best practice. And I find it helpful to look at the goals people are using today, explore the benefits those goals are giving them, and identify if there are unintended consequences of how they are using goals. In this post, I will share some common patterns I have noticed that lead to using goals poorly.
Blog Post

Time to Market - It’s Not Just About Speed

July 21, 2021
When I’m describing the Key Value Areas (KVAs) of Evidence-Based Management, I find Time to Market is often misunderstood to mean “just go faster.” We need to scrub off the scent of “we know what we need to do, we just need to do it faster.” In complexity, goals and execution have a lot of unknowns, and things emerge as we do the work. So, we will be unsuccessful if we choose to follow a plan, even if we do it faster.