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Scrum Does Not Work!

May 14, 2024
In this video, Martin Hinshelwood tackles common myths about Scrum that hinder its adoption and effectiveness. Join him as he delve into these misconceptions and uncover the true philosophy of Scrum. 🌟
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DevOps and Agile are two sides of the same Coin!

May 6, 2024
In this video, Martin dives deep into the essence of DevOps, drawing from personal experiences and professional insights 📽️💡. He elaborates on the evolution of DevOps, its impact on software development, and how it complements Agile practices. Join us for a thought-provoking exploration of embracing change, automation, and continuous learning in the tech world. Enjoy this intriguing journey into the world of DevOps with Martin. 🚀🌐
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3 best ways to wreck your Kanban adoption

April 29, 2024
In these videos, Martin uncovers the pitfalls that can derail our efforts towards achieving a truly efficient workflow. 📉🔍 He delves into the importance of not just identifying but addressing the underlying issues that hinder progress. From the stories shared, it becomes evident that the path to efficiency is not paved with shortcuts or overlooked details but through the meticulous attention to our processes and the courage to confront our challenges head-on. 🚀🤔
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Is Your Workflow Holding You Back?

April 22, 2024
In this video, Martin dives into the profound effects of enhancing your workflow within a Kanban system 🚀. He sheds light on the unseen costs of delays and how visualising these can lead to significant changes 📊. Join us as we explore the journey from identifying bottlenecks to implementing effective solutions that ensure a seamless flow of work 💼.
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Scrum With Azure DevOps!

April 16, 2024
In this video, Martin delves into how Azure DevOps serves as a cornerstone for supporting Scrum and Agile practices, aiming to elevate team efficiency and project management. 🚀 From debunking common Scrum myths to providing a step-by-step guide on setting up and customising Azure DevOps, this exploration is a journey towards unlocking your team's potential. 🛠️
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Build your Kanban board with Azure DevOps

April 9, 2024
In this video, Martin Hinshelwood, a seasoned Agile and Kanban expert, takes us on a detailed journey through the intricacies of leveraging Azure DevOps to enhance our Kanban practices. 🚀 From setting up your first board to advanced customisations that breathe life into your workflow, this video is a treasure trove of insights! 🎯
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Is Your Workflow Truly Optimised?

April 8, 2024
In this video, Martin delves into the nuances of effectively managing a Kanban workflow, stressing the significance of being more than a passive observer in the process. He articulates the need for proactive involvement in fine-tuning and adjusting the workflow to prevent bottlenecks, ensure tasks progress smoothly towards completion, and avoid work accumulation at any stage. 📊🔄🔧
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Ordering a Hierarchy! Should your Backlog be Flat?

April 2, 2024
In this video, Martin Hinwood dives into the intricacies of backlog management within Agile frameworks. He sheds light on the often overlooked hindrances that traditional hierarchical approaches pose to effective backlog management and proposes a more flexible, value-focused strategy. Martin's insights aim to pivot our philosophy towards a flat-list management approach, emphasizing the significance of prioritising work based on value rather than adhering to a rigid structure. 🚀💡📈
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Is Kanban the Right Approach for Your Organisation?

April 1, 2024
In this video, Martin discusses transitioning from traditional project management to agile frameworks, particularly focusing on the Kanban approach. He highlights how Kanban can be a gentle yet effective pathway for organisations hesitant about drastic changes. Through a personal journey and reflective tone, he delves into the philosophy behind agile transformations, emphasising observation, adaptation, and continuous improvement without disrupting existing work processes. 📈🔄🔍
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Can Kanban Revolutionise Your Scrum Practice?

March 25, 2024
In this video, Martin delves into the symbiotic relationship between Kanban and Scrum, arguing that integrating Kanban strategies can significantly enhance any Scrum practice. 🎥🔧 He discusses how Kanban's focus on metrics and continuous improvement can address Scrum's limitations, particularly in planning and customer communication. 📊🔄 Enjoy this insightful exploration of blending frameworks for superior agility and efficiency.
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Getting started with Kanban in your organization?

March 18, 2024
In this video, Martin delves into the simplicity of initiating Kanban within any team or organisation. He outlines the straightforwardness of the process, highlighting how any individual can kickstart a transformative journey 🚀. Martin shares insights on overcoming traditional hurdles 🚧, leveraging data for meaningful change 📊, and fostering a culture of continuous improvement 🌱.
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Is Kanban the Creative Industry's New Normal?

March 11, 2024
In this video, Martin dives into the nuanced world of workflow optimisation within creative industries, exploring why Kanban is gaining traction over traditional methods like Scrum. 🎨🖌️ He shares insights from his own journey, highlighting Kanban's flexibility and its ability to mould into the unique fabric of creative work. Emoji enthusiasts, you're in for a treat as we navigate through the realms of workflow, personal creativity, and collective efficiency. 🚀✨
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Can Kanban Revolutionise Your Workflow?

March 4, 2024
In this video, Martin delves into the nuanced world of Kanban, shedding light on its often misunderstood nature. 📈 He clarifies it's not merely a tool but a strategy aimed at enhancing how work is delivered and optimised. 🚀 By embracing a philosophy that scrutinises existing systems, Kanban can dramatically improve efficiency and adaptability across any organisation. 🌟
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How does Limiting Work in Progress Impact your Team's Productivity?

February 26, 2024
In this video, Martin explores the lean philosophy of prioritising task completion over initiation, a practice that fosters enhanced productivity and focus within teams 🚀. He delves into the detrimental effects of multitasking and the importance of a singular focus through the lens of lean and agile frameworks. Discover how adopting a 'finish over start' approach can revolutionise your team's output and satisfaction 🌟.
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Agile is failing organizations!

February 15, 2024
In this video, PST Martin Hinshelwood discusses the often overlooked courage required for organizations to embrace genuine change. He delves into the fear that inhibits addressing systemic issues, the superficial fixes that are frequently employed instead of fundamental changes, and the significance of adopting a philosophy of continuous improvement. 📈🔍
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Is Fear of Change Holding Back Your Agile Journey?

February 14, 2024
In this video, Martin delves into the heart of transformational struggles within organizations, highlighting the challenges and opportunities of embracing agile. 📈 He shares insights on how fear and traditional structures can stifle growth and innovation, offering a path towards a more agile and responsive organisational philosophy. 🚀
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Is Agile Just About the Rituals?

February 12, 2024
In this video, Martin delves into the essence of Agile, moving beyond rituals to a philosophy of innovative product development 🚀. From Daily Scrums to sprint reviews, he explores how these practices, while important, are not the core of Agile's philosophy. 🤔💡
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Is it Time to Pivot or Persevere in Product Development?

January 31, 2024
In this video, Martin explores the nuanced decision-making process in product development, delving into when to pivot, persevere, or walk away. 🤔💼 He discusses the balance of factors influencing these decisions, from business needs to customer and team desires, and the challenges of avoiding the sunk cost fallacy. 🏦🔄
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Is Your Organization Truly Agile or Just Pretending?

January 24, 2024
In this video, Martin explores the intricate world of organizational agility. 🌐 He delves into how agility is more than a buzzword; it's a strategic necessity in today's fast-paced market. 🚀 The discussion starts with the basics of agility and progresses to its deeper implications in business structures and decision-making. 🛠️
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5 kinds of Agile bandits. Product Owner Bandits

January 22, 2024
In this video, Martin delves into the complexities of Agile environments, focusing on the role of Product Ownership. 🌐 He shares a compelling narrative about encountering a Product Owner who adhered strictly to detailed plans and Gantt charts, mistaking these for the heart of Agile success. This tale serves as a springboard to discuss the broader implications of such an approach in Agile teams. 📈
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5 kinds of Agile bandits. Planning Bandits

January 19, 2024
In this video, Martin delves into the common misconceptions surrounding burndown charts in Agile Sprint Planning. 📊🔍 He illuminates how these charts, often seen as a cornerstone of tracking progress, can actually mislead teams into false security and inflexible planning. 🚫💡 His insightful discourse is not only a revelation but also a call to action for teams to embrace a more adaptive and value-driven approach. 🌟🔄
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5 Kinds of Agile bandits: Say/Do Metrics Bandits

January 15, 2024
In this video, Martin Hinshelwood dives into the often misunderstood realm of say-do metrics in agile environments. 🌐📏 He exposes how these metrics, although intended to track progress and performance, can sometimes lead to a false sense of accuracy and reliability. Martin's insight sheds light on the dark corners of agile banditry, where numbers do not always tell the whole story. 🚀📊
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5 kinds of Agile Bandits: Special Sprints Bandits

January 13, 2024
In this video, Martin delves into the intricate world of Agile, specifically focusing on the concept of special sprints like Sprint zeros, refactoring sprints, and bugfix sprints. 🔄 He challenges the notion that these sprints enhance Agile practices, calling them 'Agile banditry'. Join us as we explore the impact of these practices on product delivery. 🚀
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Ghosts of Agile Past: Dogma!

January 11, 2024
In this video, Martin discusses the crucial balance between pragmatism and pedantry in Agile practices. 🔄 He delves into the importance of adaptability over rigid rule-following, sharing compelling stories from his own experiences. 📜🤔 The video underscores the need for understanding and applying Agile principles contextually, ensuring that teams are not just adhering to rules but are genuinely agile and responsive. 💡👥
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Ghosts of Agile Past: The 3 Questions

January 8, 2024
In this video, Martin explores the necessity of moving beyond the traditional confines of Agile's routine practices. 🚀 Focused on delivering value and outcomes rather than just following processes, he discusses how teams can revitalise their daily scrums and retrospectives for better efficiency and productivity. 🎯
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Ghosts of Agile Past: Burndowns

January 5, 2024
In this video, Martin from NKDAgility unpacks the often misunderstood realm of Agile burndown charts. 📉🤔 He dives deep into why these popular tools might not be as effective as many believe, especially in a truly Agile environment. Join Martin as he explores the nuances and challenges of using burndown charts, offering insights into more adaptive and realistic approaches to project management in Agile.
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Ghosts of Agile Past: Story Points

January 4, 2024
In this video, Martin 🎤 discusses the often-misunderstood concept of story points in Agile frameworks. He explores their origins, the challenges they pose, and suggests more effective alternatives. 🚀 Join us as we dive into this intriguing topic. 🤿
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Ghosts of Agile Past: Certifications

January 3, 2024
In this video, Martin explores a contentious topic in the agile community – the real impact and value of agile certifications. 🎓🤔 He delves into how these certifications affect professional development and learning, providing a nuanced view that balances criticism with understanding.
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Empiricism and Complexity: The Heart of Scrum Explained

December 28, 2023
In this video, Martin discusses the essence of Scrum, focusing on empiricism and complexity. 🚀 He sheds light on why understanding these principles is vital for successful project management and team empowerment. 🌟 He also addresses the need for teams to choose their own methodologies and the importance of adapting Scrum to different situations.
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Mastering Scrum: Navigating the Simple Yet Complex Agile Framework

December 27, 2023
🎬 In this video, Martin delves into the paradox of Scrum: easily grasped in theory but challenging in practice. 🤔 He explores the nuances of mastering Scrum, drawing on sports analogies and discussing the impact of organizational culture on its implementation. 🚀 Discover insights into making Scrum work effectively within your team and organization. 💡
Blog Post

The Agile Journey: From Origins to Agile 2.0

December 25, 2023
In this video, Martin discusses the ever-evolving landscape of Agile, from its inception to the present day. 🌐💡 He delves into the challenges of implementing Agile, the misconceptions surrounding it, and the direction it's heading towards. Join us as we explore this dynamic, ever-changing methodology. 🚀📈
Blog Post

Transforming Learning: The Power of Immersive Training

December 20, 2023
🚀 Dive into the future of Agile and Scrum training with our latest blog post! We explore the shift from traditional learning methods 📚 to immersive learning experiences 🌐. Discover how immersive training, with its real-world applications and outcome-based assignments, enhances understanding and retention 🧠. Learn about the limitations of conventional training and how immersive learning closes the feedback loop for more effective education 🔄
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Expanding Scrum Mastery Beyond IT

December 19, 2023
In this video, Martin explores the journey of becoming a Scrum Master outside the realm of software engineering. 🌐 He delves into the nuances of understanding and leading diverse teams, emphasizing the importance of domain knowledge and team dynamics. 🚀
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Transforming Training: The Immersive Learning Revolution

December 14, 2023
In this video, Martin delves into the transformative power of immersive learning. 🚀 He highlights its impact on entry-level capabilities and contrasts it with traditional training methods. 📚 Join us for insights on how immersive learning enables practical skills application, fosters double-loop learning, and reshapes organizational mindsets. 🌟
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Embracing Feedback in Sprint Reviews: A Guide to Agile Success

December 14, 2023
In this video, Martin 🎙️ shares valuable insights on handling feedback during Sprint Reviews. He discusses strategies for aligning with stakeholders and adapting product strategies. 🚀 Whether you're a Scrum Master, Product Owner, or team member, this video is a must-watch for anyone committed to excelling in the Agile world. 🌍