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Improving Your Scrum with the Agile Kata (Part I)

January 22, 2023
The Agile Kata is a universal pattern for agile change management. This can be a broad term but that is needed because of its wide array of use and opportunities for the agile community. In this blog series, I will take a very focused approach on how the Agile Kata can help increase the radius and quality of Scrum in your organization or team alike.

Tips to Overcome Agile Skepticism

January 18, 2023
The idea of self-managing teams who have flexible scope and timelines can be perceived as daunting to some executives and senior leaders. In this session, Professional Scrum Trainer, Mary Iqbal talks about some of the common misconceptions about Scrum and Agile in general from a leader’s perspective and how to overcome them.
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Scrum Requires Psychological Safety

January 17, 2023
In a recent webcast (1) I mentioned that Scrum by its nature, assumes psychological safety exists in order for Scrum as a practice to function. Furthermore I would assert that for Scrum to be truly successful Scrum absolutely requires psychological safety to be established both inside and outside of the Scrum Team. My feeling is that within the Scrum Guide, psychological safety is an implied practice, not explicitly mentioned nor referenced as an essential element. But without psychological safety Scrum and the essential people who enact the framework, may function, but cant’t flourish. Before I go there any further, lets delve into a definition of what psychological safety is, and more importantly what it is not.
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Showing up: Why your Scrum Master Mindset is Everything

December 29, 2022
What is one of the most important aspects of holding the Scrum Master accountability? If you immediately thought about something like removing impediments and helping the team get to Done, I want you to think of the bigger picture. How you show up as a leader has the biggest impact. Not sure what that means? Read on to see why your mindset and what you bring of yourself to your Scrum practice are critical to success.
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Make the Most of Sprint Planning

December 12, 2022
Sprint Planning is one of those events that even experienced teams don’t use to its fullest potential.  Here’s why. Many teams see the Sprint Planning event as the time for selecting which Product Backlog items (PBIs) they will deliver in the upcoming Sprint.  And that’s it.  There is so much more that teams can do to maximize the value they get from Sprint Planning.
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How Scrum Event Timeboxes make your Team More Effective

November 28, 2022
Every Scrum event has a maximum allowable time period to carry it out, called a timebox.  While Scrum events have a maximum amount of time, they do not have a minimum amount of time. Let’s look at all of the event timeboxes and how they make Scrum Teams more effective.
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What does your Team Optimize For?

November 11, 2022
What does your Team optimize for? Optimizing for adaptability requires certain types of teams, is your team set up in line with the goals of your organization? You can use this canvas to plot a team’s current position and then evaluate how it can improve. It gets more fun when you plot many teams relative to each other on the canvas and use that information in an overall retrospective to find the balance that works for you.
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Nine things to do in your Sprint Planning

November 4, 2022
There are eight hours available for Sprint Planning. In those eight hours, a lot can be done. Too often this event is rushed, limiting the ability to maximize the possible achievements. In this article, I share nine things to do to make the most of your Sprint Planning.
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What happens if a Scrum team becomes too large?

October 31, 2022
According to the Scrum guide, Scrum teams typically have 10 or fewer people, including Developers, Scrum Master and Product Owner.  But what happens with a Scrum team that includes more than 10 people?  What if the Scrum team has 10, 15 even more people?

Ask a Professional Scrum Trainer - The Power of Facilitation Skills to improve Scrum Events and other Scrum Team interactions

October 19, 2022
In this episode of Ask a Professional Scrum Trainer moderated by Patricia Kong, PSTs Simon Flossmann and David Spinks answer your burning questions about Scrum and the challenges you or your teams may be facing when using Scrum, particularly within the Scrum events and other scenarios when it may be difficult to reach a decision on things, that could be resolved with good facilitation techniques and skills.
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Entenda de uma vez por todas o que é Definition of Done

October 15, 2022
Muitas pessoas que estão começando sua jornada como Scrum Master ou estão dentro de Scrum Teams, possuem dificuldade para entender o que é o Definition of Done (DoD), e a sua verdadeira importância. Na maioria das vezes, acabam confundido com critérios de aceite, ou limitam o compromisso a um simples check list, que após sua criação raramente é revisado pelo time. O desconhecimento sobre o assunto, faz com que essas pessoas tenham dificuldades na hora de realizar a prova e tirar a tão sonhada PSMI. Então resolvi escrever esse artigo para desmistificar o que é a Definition of Done e trazer exemplos da sua aplicação em diferentes situações.

How to Facilitate the Sprint Retrospective

October 14, 2022
In this Introduction to Facilitating the Sprint Retrospective video, you'll learn step-by-step how to guide your team through a Sprint Retrospective with techniques such as the Prime Directive, the Perfection Game, Dot Voting and Affinity Mapping so that your team can leave the Sprint Retrospective with ideas on how to improve. (7:55 Minutes)
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How to get the most from your Sprint Retrospective Event

October 10, 2022
​​​​​​​According to the 2020 Scrum Guide, “The purpose of the Sprint Retrospective is to plan ways to increase quality and effectiveness.”  Scrum Teams must take the Retrospective seriously to achieve these outcomes.  In this article, we will look at three tips for getting the most from your Sprint Retrospective and provide several agenda ideas that you can use to keep this event fresh.
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What is Large Scale Scrum (LeSS)?

October 8, 2022
What is Large Scale Scrum (LeSS)? LeSS is a de-scaling framework. Also referred to sometimes as a scaling framework, but it's really aimed at simplification and it's designed for product development. This article explores what large scale scrum is about as well as its events. - social and podcast links - order training from right here
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Scrum Masters facilitate change

September 22, 2022
The Scrum Master is accountable for facilitating change by creating transparency so that inspection and adaptation can occur. However this is not something that is often seen as the Scrum Masters main responsibility. Often the Scrum Master is urged to facilitate Scrum Events or other sessions. While facilitating sessions is not wrong, the reason why often is.
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Die 4 Elemente der Scrum Empirie 🇩🇪

September 22, 2022
In seinem Theorieteil verweist der Scrum Guide auf die drei Elemente der Scrum Empirie: Transparenz, Inspektion und Adaption. Ein viertes Element, das die Grundlage für die Empirie bildet, ist jedoch in einem Satz über die Scrum-Werte versteckt.