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Entries for September 2013

Initial Thoughts on Leadership

- Ben Thorp
in Community Blogfeed

I am not a born leader. I am lazy. I procrastinate. I get frustrated with people. I have self-esteem issues. I lack confidence in social situations. I lose patience with my children. I enjoy praise and recognition. I have trouble making decisions. Relinquishing control gives me heartburn. I make exc...

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There is no “do agile” there is only "be agile"

- Martin Hinshelwood
in Community Blogfeed

I commented on Scrum is hard to adopt and disruptive to your organisation before and I think that for most companies this is just beyond their comprehension. They are fundamentally misunderstanding agile and trying to do agile rather than be agile. There are no trainings or certifications...

A smart travel companion to Scrum

- Gunther Verheyen
in Community Blogfeed

Scrum is not a goal in itself, Scrum is a mean. Scrum is a path that a person, a team, an organization takes toward increased competitiveness, higher responsiveness, more learning, more creativity, optimistic opportunism, a sustainable way of working, restored respect for people. Scrum is a journey ...

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How to make a good Product Owner

- Adam Cogan
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At my Teched talks this month (Australia and New Zealand) I talked about Product Owners. After my session there were lots of discussion around the Product Owner Scrum role, and what makes a good one. I loved hearing the stories of dysfunction about Product Owners who have not done their job well. ...

What is Agile? [Podcast with Ken Schwaber]

- Scrum Admin
in Community Publications

Ken Schwaber and Jochen Krebs talk about Agility Path™, an approach to increase the level of agility with organizations that are ready for this journey. Agility Path includes a set of core metrics, which interpreted together lead to the Agility Index. Perhaps the most important questions...

A critical view on SAFe

- Dominik Maximini
in Community Blogfeed

The Scaled Agile Framework, developed by Dean Leffingwell, is getting more an more traction in Europe and the U.S. Many companies try to adopt the framework, or parts of it, in order to increase their Agility. However, there is a controversial discussion in the community whether SAFe is really ... brings Professional Scrum courses to Brussels

- Scrum Admin
in News

 courses coming to Brussels with Director of Professional Series, Gunther Verheyen Oct | Nov is bringing two Professional Scrum Master (PSM) courses to Brussels, Belgium, October and November...