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The Professional Scrum Team Member course is now the Professional Scrum Foundations course.

The Foundations course has been available since January 2011, initially under the name Professional Scrum Team Member. Today we are announcing the release of version 2 of this course. And, after much inspection, reflection, collaboration, and discussion, the course name is changing to Professional Scrum Foundations. The new name reflects the non-role based nature of the course and the intent of the course to serve as the foundation of Scrum knowledge as people start down the path of using Scrum well.

Many organizations looking to adopt Scrum assume they need training with Scrum Master as part of the title. For many years, this is all that was available, after all. While a traditional Scrum Master course focuses on teaching the theory and principles of Scrum, Professional Scrum Foundations introduces those that are essential to understanding how Scrum works, with a strong bias for practical application and practice. The intent in creating this course was to help teams avoid making the same mistakes we have seen made by many organizations when starting to use Scrum.

Professional Scrum Foundations focuses on bootstrapping Scrum for a team. The course exposes students to Scrum by actually practicing rather than just talking about it. When students return to work Monday following the course, there is no question on how Scrum works or what next steps should be. This mitigates the common challenges many teams face as they start down the path of using Scrum.

Stay tuned for news on more projects that focus on improving the professions of software development.

You can read more about the course here.

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