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Last week soft-launched a campaign intended to communicate the value of Professional Scrum Master certification. This campaign, which is available here, is addressed to HR managers and those seeking to gain their attention.

The message of this campaign is that there are thousands of Scrum Masters on the market, and people need a way to identify the most skilled amongst them. Certifications that are granted on the basis of class attendance alone fail to help in this regard; such certifications are poor signaling mechanisms because they are equally easy for skilled Scrum Master and unskilled Scrum Masters alike to attain. grants certification only to those who pass our rigorous assessments. Only those with a concrete understanding of Scrum’s roles, events, and artifacts can achieve Professional Scrum Master certification. This permits Professional Scrum Master certification to function as an effective signaling mechanism.

We are delighted to be able to announce that there are now 500 Professional Scrum Masters – in addition to nearly 200 Professional Scrum Developers. Other Scrum certifications might be more common, but the high standards associated with the Professional Scrum Master certification makes it more credible and as a result more valuable. Here at, we are maintaining the consistency and integrity of Scrum by emphasizing quality, not quantity.

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