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Suspending Scrum Extensions

- Scrum Admin
in News is suspending the Scrum extension program, effective immediately. Scrum extensions were conceived as a way to provide community-driven guidance for Scrum techniques that go beyond the basic rules of Scrum set forth by the Scrum Guide.

Organizations new to Scrum or struggling in adopting agile practices can benefit greatly from the wisdom and guidance of more experienced agile practitioners. Scrum extensions were proposed as a mechanism for delivering that guidance through community-vetted documentation of proven effective practices.

Although we at recognize the demand for such guidance, we have learned that extensions are not the desired way to provide it. We are grateful to those who proposed extensions to the community. Accordingly, will be happy to continue hosting the extensions that were proposed albeit as whitepapers, not endorsed extensions to the Scrum framework. remains committed to helping provide tools and resources for organizations wanting to transition to Scrum or to constantly improve beyond the basics. We look forward to identifying an alternate method for delivering guidance with the wisdom we’ve gained in the Scrum extension experiment.

What ideas do you have for providing this guidance? Let us know by leaving a comment.

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