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Metrics that matter with evidence-based management

- Martin Hinshelwood
in Community Blogfeed

I was recently asked to speak at ALM Days in Dusseldorf and more specifically to create a talk on Metrics and KPI’s for Quality. As I have been working a lot recently with evidence-based management. I am pretty sure that my session title translates as “Test management and reporting – KIP’s for better decisions” so I am going to concentrate on reporting and KPI’s as the session before mine is on Agile Testing.

There are really two levels of metrics that I want to talk about, the first being at the team level and the second being the organisation level. If we are making decisions on the metrics that are being presented then we had better have the right metrics. I have recently been learning a lot about Evidence based Management and I think that it holds somewhat of the answer to which metrics we should be looking at and that we can consistently trend over time.

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