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Scrum Infinity Stones

February 15, 2020
For those of you who are big fans of Marvel Cinematic Universe comics or who have watched the latest Avengers: End Game movie might know that Thanos (supervillain) wanted to possess all 6 infinity stones so that he would be unstoppable and could gain control over the entire universe.

Agile Leadership and Challenges in Digital Transformations

February 12, 2020
A digital transformation presents a number of challenges. At the core of these challenges lies the organization's ability to create more responsibility at the individual and team level without losing their sense of control and governance. Addressing issues such as team maturity, psychological safety, and scaling have critical impact on success. Developing skills in these leadership areas is essential to encourage and support more flexible ways of working at all levels in an organization and form the foundation for scaling changes across many individuals and teams. Agile practices become more embedded in organizations of all sizes in every domain. This Webinar is an interactive conversation between experts in the field of Agile Leadership.

What is Transparency?

February 11, 2020
In this Scrum Tapas video, Professional Scrum Trainer Daria Bagina discusses why transparency is so important in Scrum and how to foster transparency across the Scrum Team and beyond. (5:25 Minutes)

Scrum org Community Podcast Episode 1: The Value of the Community

February 10, 2020
In this first podcast episode led by the community, Professional Scrum Trainer (PST) Jasper Alblas leads a group that includes other PSTs Johannes Geske and Sjoerd Kranendonk along with team member Kelly Moosman as they discuss the value that is received by PSTs in being a part of the community and how they leverage the community to better help their customers and organizations. (27:20 Minutes)

Product Ownership - The 3 Vs in Practice Using Product Strategy Canvas

February 10, 2020
Many Product Owners, especially in large organizations, are facing challenges to take full ownership of the product. Their decisions are oftentimes overridden and not respected. In this webinar, Professional Scrum Trainer Joshua Partogi shares techniques and practices he has learned as a Scrum Master and how he uses them to work with Product Owners to align the product vision with the corporate strategy and the objectives for the Scrum Team using the Product Strategy Canvas, a tool that can help create alignment between the Senior Management, the Product Owner, the business and the Development Team.

Why Trust is the Core of Scrum

February 3, 2020
In this short video,  Professional Scrum Trainer Don McGreal shares why trust between co-workers and management is crucial to agile adoption.