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Empiricism is not just a fancy word

July 13, 2022
I confess that the first time someone told me that Scrum is based upon empiricism, I thought they were a little pretentious.  After all, it’s a five-syllable word for a framework with only five events.  Why make it so complicated?  But as I’ve coached more and more Scrum Teams over the years, I have learned that empiricism matters. It’s not just a fancy word; it’s the foundation of Scrum.

Cross-functionality – When do you need an upgrade in your product development alphabet?

July 11, 2022
How many times have you heard statements such as, “This is not in my area of expertise”, “I don't know anything about it”, “That’s not my job”, “Ask another department” or “This is not what I studied for”? One might say that this is just their approach to gaining knowledge. It’s their style; to limit their scope of learning by concentrating on their specialism only, which doesn’t necessarily sound like a problem when speaking of experts in their fields, but what about organizations, products, and the services they provide? How does this previously mentioned approach to learning and self-development affect them?

El Camino del Sprint Goal

July 9, 2022
Una de las primeras preguntas que siempre lanzo a los equipos y las organización que ayudo es la siguiente: ¿Vuestra planificación de sprint incluye objetivos de sprint? Con demasiada frecuencia, se menosprecia la importancia del Sprint Goal y se pasan por alto en favor de definir y organizar durante el Sprint Backlog.
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8 Dinge, die angehende Agile Führungskräfte von Scrum Mastern lernen können

July 6, 2022
Angehende Führungskräfte, die agil arbeiten wollen, haben es schwer! Zwar arbeiten die meisten Produktteams bereits nach Scrum, aber das Management vertraut weiterhin auf einen von Kontrolle geprägten Führungsstil. Die Führungskräfte, die in der Agilität die Arbeitsweise der Zukunft sehen und deshalb die Agile Transformation weiter vorantreiben wollen, stellt dies vor ein Problem: Wen sollen sie sich im Unternehmen zum Vorbild für diesen neuen Weg nehmen? Die Antwort dazu im Artikel:
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Why Teams adopted Scrum during the Pandemic

July 5, 2022
During the first year of the pandemic, Scrum adoption more than doubled for software development teams. According to the 15th Annual State of Agile Report, the use of agile approaches for software development grew from 37% in 2020 to 86% in 2021. This means that agile adoption for software development doubled in a single year — the first year of the pandemic. I don’t think that is a coincidence.
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Agility and Sustainability

July 4, 2022
Did you know that there are 17 United Nation, sustainable development goals. Did you know that when you’re measuring value, you can consider societal value as part of that. And that could include consideration for those 17 United Nation sustainable development goals. Now those 17 United Nation sustainable development goals, they do compete against each other.
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5 Arten von Hindernissen, die Scrum Master beseitigen

July 4, 2022
Welche Verantwortung übernimmt ein Scrum Master im Unternehmen? Scrum Master sind für die Effektivität des Scrum Teams verantwortlich. Behindert etwas den Fortschritt des Teams, dann übernehmen sie die Verantwortung dafür, dass dieses Hindernis beseitigt wird. Hier findest du eine Übersicht über die fünf verschiedenen Arten von Hindernissen, denen du als Scrum Master begegnen kannst:

7 razones porqué los gerentes se equivocan tanto

July 1, 2022
Como agile coach de organizaciones y de personas, a menudo me encuentro que muchos gerentes se equivocan tanto porque descuidan la función de planificación. También me he encontrado muchas veces que me han dicho que cuando somos ágiles no planificamos. Y eso no es verdad. En la agilidad se planifica un montón, pensad en Scrum o Kanban, es una planificación constante. Te expongo en este artículo 7 razones que creo que un gerente puede mejorar con autodisciplina.
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The Product Goal explained

July 1, 2022
Product Goals were added to the 2020 version of the Scrum Guide. The idea of incorporating this concept was to emphasize the importance of having a longer-term goal than a Sprint Goal.
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Stuck? Check the Ego and ask for help.

June 30, 2022
Super smart people get stuck and insist on finding solutions all by themselves. Ego paired with stubbornness are the usual culprits that can hinder better solutions. Admit you don’t know. Ask for help. Create a learning culture by using modern tools to collaborate. Get some fresh air, grab a pop-tart and level up while you get work done.

Professional Scrum Facilitation Skills Datasheet

June 30, 2022
Professional Scrum Facilitation Skills™ is an interactive course designed to help Scrum practitioners develop a facilitator’s mindset, proficiency in facilitation skills, and learn when and how to select effective techniques for various circumstances. Strong facilitation skills enable better problem-solving, more effective Scrum events and greater team alignment, all leading to better outcomes.

Company Spotlight - Dyno Therapeutics - Using Scrum in BioTech

June 29, 2022
In this podcast we feature Professional Scrum Trainers and other Scrum Practitioners sharing their stories and experiences to help learn from the experience of others. In this episode, host Dave West interviews Tyson Bertmaring, Head of Partner Success at Dyno Therapeutics, where they discuss Tyson's experiences with Scrum and dive into the use of Scrum in BioTech. (23:09 Minutes)
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Who Writes the Acceptance Criteria?

June 29, 2022
Who writes acceptance criteria?. Should you even have acceptance criteria? It's a loaded question, because it's assuming that we're using user stories. And in user stories typically you might say in order to deliver a particular type of value, some particular persona wants or needs something in order to do so, and then you typically list off your acceptance criteria.
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5 More Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Modify Scrum

June 29, 2022
In our recent article “Why You Shouldn’t Modify Scrum,” we discussed five reasons why modifying Scrum is counterproductive.  We’ll expand on the topic in this article by exploring five more ways organizations sometimes change Scrum and the impacts they might experience as a result.  

10 Tips To Facilitate Effective Sprint Reviews

June 28, 2022
In this webinar moderated by Patricia Kong, Professional Scrum Trainer Ravi Verma, Nagesh Sharma, Tony Lee share some common real-world challenges their clients and students have faced in their Sprint Reviews and ten adjustments that have helped them overcome these challenges.
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What do the Developers do in the last week of the Sprint?

June 27, 2022
But when you have scrum, for example, you need to deliver an increment every single sprint and that increment needs to be done. So the team needs to have a thing called a Definition of Done and done does not mean met the acceptance criteria. Doesn’t just mean that, there should be other considerations as well. So there’s the definition of done. I don’t want to really call it the checklist for how we do things around here, because that might be a bit too process-oriented and maybe a bit too detailed. There’s a nice balance between trust and being clear what we need to do, but as such the team would know what they need to do for something to be called on at the end of the sprint so they can show something at the end of the sprint. That’s all fine. But what do the developers do in the last week of the sprint? It feels like a loaded question because the assumption that I’m reading from the question is that the developers, in your case, write the code, and then they hand it off to some people who do some testing.

El product owner es un agile product manager

June 26, 2022
En el desarrollo tradicional, ya sea en cascada o iterativo, el “gerente de producto” es la persona que posee la hoja de ruta del producto, defiende el producto internamente y representa al cliente en las reuniones con el desarrollo. El desarrollo ágil marcó el comienzo de un rol llamado ‘Product Owner’. El product owner des del punto de vista de la guía Scrum, ordena el product backlog y maximiza el valor de negocio.
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Don't Learn Scrum from Jira

June 23, 2022
Many people modify Scrum to fit popular project management tools like Jira. Removing parts of Scrum, like Product Goals, that don’t have an obvious fit seems to be the easiest option. A better approach is to modify tools and team processes to work with Scrum. Don’t learn Scrum from tools because they don’t know Scrum.