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The Professional Agile Leader

March 29, 2022
The Professional Agile Leader is a realistic, practical guide, written by three Scrum pioneers who demonstrate proven ways to foster responsive and adaptive team cultures. They structure powerful lessons around a case study based on decades of experience helping agile leaders achieve and sustain transformations. Their strategic deep dives reveal how to rediscover the customer, shift from output to impact, convert predictable existential crises into opportunities, grow leaders everywhere, and much more. Best of all, they never settle for high-level hand-waving--they show you how it's really done.

Discovering the PST Journey: An Event for Women

March 25, 2022 has an intentional focus on increasing the diversity of our Professional Scrum Trainer (PST) Community. As a result, we are pleased to bring you opportunities specifically for women and non-binary Scrum practitioners who are interested in learning about the journey to becoming a PST

Professional Scrum Trainers - In Depth: Exploring the Journeys of PSTs featuring Ferzeen Anis

March 22, 2022
If you are familiar with, you may associate the organization with Professional Scrum and/or Professional Scrum Training Courses and Certifications. Behind those hands-on training courses are highly qualified Professional Scrum Trainers (PSTs), who go through a rigorous process to take their real world Scrum experience and create value for students. In several episodes of the Community Podcast, our host and CEO Dave West interviews Professional Scrum Trainers about their experiences that led to their becoming a PST and exploring what Professional Scrum means to them. In this episode, we interview Ferzeen Anis based in Australia.
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The Order of Events in Scrum Matters

March 21, 2022
Teams that change the framework are not using Scrum and are missing out on some of its benefits.  The Scrum framework consists of 5 events, 3 accountabilities, 3 artifacts and five values.  Today, we will talk about the order of the events in Scrum. 

[Podcast] Scrum Master Career Paths

March 20, 2022
What's up awesome people? I hope you are well and keeping safe. I have been asked many times recently about the career paths for Scrum Master. I personally think Scrum Master should not be a job title. But what does that mean to Scrum Master career path if Scrum Master is not a job title ... I think it creates lots of doors of possibilities. In today's podcast episode I share four possibilities for Scrum Master career paths. Hopefully it also inspire those of you in the Human Resources or People Operations department to redesign not only career paths for Scrum Master but also career path at your company in general. Enjoy the podcast and have a great week ahead folks.

An Introduction to Professional Scrum from International Project Management Day 2021

March 15, 2022
In this session, Eric Naiburg, Chief Operating Officer for, provides an overview of the Scrum framework. He’ll discuss how Scrum enables agility, and how an empirical process can empower teams that use it. You’ll learn about the empirical process in Scrum where decisions are made based on observation and experimentation rather than on detailed upfront planning.  We will apply this learning using facts and real-world examples.
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Don't Mess with Scrum

March 15, 2022
Scrum is simple, but that simplicity means that each of its elements is essential.  The values, accountabilities, artifacts and events are all part of the framework for a reason.  Teams that mess with the framework are messing with Scrum.  Teams that make changes to the elements limit Scrum's effectiveness and aren't really using Scrum.  This article discusses some of the things in the Scrum framework teams shouldn't mess with but often do.