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Lessons Learned from Implementing Evidence-Based Management

June 16, 2020
Improving the way teams work and what is being delivered requires conversations with management and stakeholders. Driving these conversations requires data based on measurements in order to put a plan for change in place and garner ways to know if your plan is working. This includes strong visualizations to help drive the conversation.

Разница между хорошим Скрам Мастером и отличным Скрам Мастером

June 11, 2020
Несмотря на то, что глобально адаптация Скрам в настоящее время составляет 75% (источник: 14-й доклад о состоянии Agile-2020), многим по-прежнему трудно понять профессию Скрам Мастера.

Taylorism With Jordan Job

June 8, 2020
Lots of discussion about Taylorism. It's not as evil as people seem to think. When the work was simpler a process to optimize efficiency and find best practices make sense. However as the work got more complex and our management styles didn't keep up then dysfunction started. The transition from Trainer back to being boots on the ground back in an organization. Finding that over time he was losing the empathy of what it was like being a Scrum Master. Applying the models in the real world is where things get tough. Lots of good back and forth about the value of coaching and the time away from the role itself. Should you ask your trainer when the last time was that they did the role and maybe even walk out if its been over 3 years?? Get something valuable to a customer in 30 days or less and iterate on how you can do it better. Solved!

Sprint Cancellation

June 2, 2020
In this Scrum Tapas video, Professional Scrum Trainer Piyush Rahate provides examples of why a Sprint may be canceled, ways to avoid canceling a Sprint and what might happen if the decision to cancel is made. (4:05 Minutes)

Ways Agile Scrum Teams Can Become Trusted Advisors

June 2, 2020
In this Scrum Tapas video, Professional Scrum Trainer Ravi Verma discusses several ways that Scrum Team members can transition to trusted advisors of the organization. Ravi describes places to get more information about the business, suggestion on how to communicate with stakeholders and how to leverage experiments as ways to prove value. (4:58 Minutes)

The Scrum Master Stance as a Teacher

June 2, 2020
In this Scrum Tapas video, Professional Scrum Trainers Adam Michalczyk and Andrzej Zińczuk look at one of the stances that a Scrum Master plays, the teacher. They discuss types of teachers and ways that Scrum Masters can teach the Scrum Teams that they are working with. (3:44 Minutes)

Velocity alone doesn’t measure success

May 29, 2020
Many scrum teams use a metric called velocity as their primary metric. Velocity is commonly defined as the number of story points you finish over time, usually measured by sprints. Measured from sprint to sprint, it becomes a sort of gauge of success. If it stays the same or goes up, that’s great. If it goes down repeatedly, there’s a problem that needs to be investigated.

Coaching Agreements with Scrum

May 27, 2020
From the previous webinar in January 2020, ‘Answering those hard questions about coaching in Scrum’, we received powerful questions and feedback from to continue the dialogue on Scrum and coaching. In this follow up webinar, we will bring these questions back to the discussion table. In the first webinar we touched on the International Coach Federation's (ICF’s) definition of coaching, coaching competencies and code of ethics. In part two, Dave West, Leslie Morse and Maaike Klasen take you along further unpacking the topic: working with the ICF coaching agreement in Scrum.

Evidence-Based Management (EBM) for Audacious Goals!

May 22, 2020
Evidence-Based Agility, based on Evidence-Based Medicine, uses empiricism to help organizations chart a course to high-value, ambitious, aspirational goals. If you want to change “business as usual,” the way forward is usually very murky. Using experimentation, measurement, and inspect-and-adapt practices to try to make measurable progress is the only practical approach. (59:17 Minutes)
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Is Accessibility Enough?

May 21, 2020
Today, on Global Accessibility Awareness Day, I look back on how far we have come as a society in making things accessible for people with disabilities. Yet, how far behind we are in inclusive user and customer experience. Just because I ‘can’ use your product or service, it does not mean I ‘want’ too.