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Entries for October 2013

Scrum and Agile Adoption: Backsliding into Waterfall Habits

- Charles Bradley
in Community Blogfeed

It’s very common, when an organization is in the Shu level of learning Agile or Scrum, for it to fall into old, bad, waterfall habits. Today I’d like to talk about two bad waterfall habits: tracking so called ‘individual velocity,’ and tracking actual effort expended on a tas...

Test blog post

- Scrum Admin

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Sprint Retrospectives in Practice

- Scrum Admin
in Community Blogfeed

A couple of months ago we looked at how to conduct a Sprint Review. We saw that a Review considers what work was done, and distinguished it from a Sprint Retrospective which reflects upon how work is being done. The distinction between the two can appear to be rather academic, and slurring a Review ...

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Agile Compass

- Simon Reindl
in Community Blogfeed

When we use Agile methods we have to continually face up to challenges and uncertainty. As following a map can lead us to obstacles we have to overcome, we need something to guide us. An Agile Compass helps us to keep focus on our objectives and aligned with Lean and Agile principles. [Read more...]...

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DOD has made it illegal to do waterfall

- Martin Hinshelwood
in Community Blogfeed

Did you know that the DOD has made it illegal to do waterfall? For the first time in many years the Department of Defence (DOD) in the United States had made a major update to its procurement rules. They can no longer be held accountable for holding up our industry, and being culpable for its inabil...

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One More Time: How Do You Motivate Employees?

- Louis-Philippe Carignan
in Community Blogfeed

In 1968, Frederick Herzberg published the article "One More Time: How Do You Motivate Employees?" in the Harvard Business Review (HBR). Over time, it has become a HBR classic, having sold 1.2 million reprints by 1987 and was the most requested article from the publication. During the annu...

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Product Owner Checklist

- Lare Lekman
in Community Blogfeed

"This brief checklist helps you remember the most important things to become a good Product Owner." As the Product Owner you are responsible for maximizing the value of the product and the work of the Development Team. Your way of doing this may vary across organizations, Scrum Teams, and ...