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Professional Scrum Developer, now even better

- Scrum Admin
in News announces the newest addition to the Professional Scrum Developer (PSD) program family: the 3-day variation for Scrum Practitioners.

Those that have completed the 5-day PSD program, now called PSD+, have experienced a learning environment that is unrivaled in today's marketplace. Students are exposed to the fundamentals of Scrum and then they are taken through 4-5 sprints of actual development work on a cross-functional team, using cutting edge tools and software development best practices, to build a potentially releasable increment of software.

However, a number of people have told us they need something else. These people want the experience, the exposure, and the rigor of the PSD+ program. But, they don’t necessarily need the “Scrumdamentals” portion of the course, or all five Sprints to understand the cadence of Scrum. These practitioners need something that leverages their existing knowledge of Scrum development, while still giving them the additional tools to super-charge their productivity.

This is why today we are announcing the launch of this much-requested program for Developers who have a good working understanding of Scrum (from professional experience, or a previous Scrum course like Professional Scrum Foundations). It is PSD+, just condensed for those folks that have already built up their Scrum foundation. You can learn more here.

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