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Passing Professional Scrum Master I Assessment now pre-requisite for Professional Scrum Master II Assessment

- Scrum Admin
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Certification should require a demonstration of knowledge and understanding, which is why all programs employ rigorous assessments. In further pursuit of that goal, is now making passing it's Professional Scrum Master I (PSM I) Assessment a prerequisite for the PSM II Assessment to ensure students are well prepared for the more advanced evaluation.

Previously, PSM II Assessments were readily available to anyone: those who have a fundamental knowledge of Scrum, and in some cases, those that don't. The more fundamental PSM I examination has proven an important step in succeeding with PSM II, as voiced by trainers and students.

A more defined path for demonstrating Scrum acumen helps recognize those who have truly demonstrated understanding and continues to assure the strength of the PSM II certification.

You can read more about the Professional Scrum Master program here.

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