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Want change? Have courage!

- Andy Brandt
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The most common complaint I hear from developers is that their managers push unrealistic deadlines on them. The managers come and say something must by done by this date – and won’t take “no” for an answer. The developers then work nights to deliver on a promise they...

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Tom Biernacki
Tom Biernacki posted on Saturday, September 22, 2012 2:57 AM Permalink to this Comment
Not a SMART approach, isn't it? Well, we obviously can't help unrealistic planning, which mainly deliver more entrophy growth, than social & economical benefits. But if life puts us in situation when "we need to deliver", we can optimize activities to arrange yourself more time for the task.

When we take a look at a bigger project, we may observe some other bigger framework behind, like PRINCE2, or any of its locally applied adaptations. IMHO, quite overgrown for many initiatives at hand and deliverying many corporate overheads (another topic worth a book at least). What we can do with this showstopper, is embed as much scrum inside the phases as we can.

Then if we're thinking we are still not going to meet those "not commited dealines" we can apply for higher priorities or resources (then again, in some cases even 9 women will not deliver one baby in one month - another book topic appears again).


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