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Agile Families: Techniques for Living with Change [PODCAST]

- David Starr
in Community Blogfeed

What happens when you apply agile practices to managing your family life? Is Scrum a good way to manage kids and their busy schedules? Agile expert David Starr from talks to Scott about implementing agile in his family. [Listen to podcast...]

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What is Agile? [Podcast with Ken Schwaber]

- Scrum Admin
in Community Publications

Ken Schwaber and Jochen Krebs talk about Agility Path™, an approach to increase the level of agility with organizations that are ready for this journey. Agility Path includes a set of core metrics, which interpreted together lead to the Agility Index. Perhaps the most important questions...

CHAOS Tuesday: Learning from Retrospectives (Audio)

- Ken Schwaber
in Community Publications

The Standish Group's CHAOS Tuesday production has special guest Ken Schwaber of Scrum.Org on their show to discuss what can be learned from doing retrospectives. Topics covered: the retrospective process; how it differs from a project postmodern; how to get the most out of a retrospective; ways to i...

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