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Use Scrum + Continuous Delivery to build the right thing

- Peter Gfader
in Community Publications

How often do you release your product to your end users? How often do your end users see and use your product? Do you release in sync with your Sprint length, after the Sprint Review? Is the Sprint Review meeting the only valid release point? When do you plan your releases? Learn how the c...

Four Things You Need to be "Agile"

- Mark Noneman
in Community Blogfeed

Often, when working with a team new to Scrum and agile software development, I’m asked “How will we know when we’re agile?” At other times, managers will contact me, saying “We’re doing Scrum but we we’re not getting the benefits we expected.” By using...

Tags: Agility

How to Write an Agile Job Ad

- Scrum Admin
in Community Blogfeed

Today I came across yet another job ad for a ScrumMaster—sadly posted to an Agile online group. Here it is, in its essence. I have bolded the terms that especially jarred, but the tone of the whole thing was seriously misguided...

Tags: Management

Upgrade your Sprint Retrospective Meetings

- Richard Hundhausen
in Community Blogfeed

Tired of asking each other “how the Sprint went”? Try one of these alternate Sprint Retrospective activities to change the pace a bit...

Tags: Scrum

The reasons why distributed teams are less effective

- Daniel Racowsky
in Community Blogfeed

There is an agile myth out there: Collocated teams are at least 40% more productive than dispersed (same team on different locations) or distributed (different teams on several locations) ones. I recently did some study on that topic and found a model that very neatly explains the reasons behind the...

Tags: Teams, Agility

Transition to Agile (part 4): The relation with the Project Manager

- Scrum Admin
in Community Blogfeed

I’m a couple of weeks further with the Agile transformation and wondering about my relation with some project managers in the organization. With some of them I build up a good relation and together we made good progress in starting up and manage their projects in an Agile way. But with others ...

A Warm Welcome From the Home of Scrum

- Daniel Racowsky
in News's new home is opening its doors today! We're not referring to our global headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts. We are talking about our new home on the interwebs. A new home for means its thousands of website visitors per day will soon be greeted with a new, more intuitive, use...

Chief Craftsman at tapped to improve Microsoft’s Visual Studio product line

- Scrum Admin
in News announced today that its Chief Craftsman, David Starr, will soon be joining Microsoft as Senior Program Manager in Visual Studio ALM. Since joining in 2011, David has driven significant improvements in all of’s programs, and has dedicated himself to helping te...

Failing Builds Aren’t Your Problem

- Ryan Cromwell
in Community Blogfeed

I remember building my first significant build system based on, nunit, Wix, and a LOT of pixie dust. Every failed build resulted in a friendly reminder that the team should “probably fix that.” I’d give them some time of course, but I was always the build jerk.

Definition of Done

- Scrum Admin
in Resources

The Scrum Guide describes the Definition of Done (DoD) as a tool for bringing transparency to the work a Scrum Team is performing. It is related more to the quality of a product, rather than its functionality. As Scrum Teams work together using the Scrum framework to develop a product, it is impo... is Hiring - Looking For an Experienced Marketing Manager

- Scrum Admin
in News is leading the growth and evolution of Scrum to improve the profession of software development. We are seeking a talented, driven, and seasoned Marketing Manager to join our Marketing team to help lead that growth. You can find more detailed information about this role here.

Suspending Scrum Extensions

- Scrum Admin
in News is suspending the Scrum extension program, effective immediately. Scrum extensions were conceived as a way to provide community-driven guidance for Scrum techniques that go beyond the basic rules of Scrum set forth by the Scrum Guide. Organizations new to Scrum or struggling in adopting...

Scrum does not work, that’s why it does work!

- Cesario Ramos
in Community Blogfeed

At my training classes the students get actually a bit disappointed when I tell them that Scrum does not solve many of their problems. Most of the students expect that Scrum will solve most of their problems and quality, productivity, predictability and value will be greatly improved. Well unfortuna...

Scrum Day Europe Makes Amsterdam Debut with Ken Schwaber

- Alex Armstrong
in News

Sure to be THE Scrum event of the year in The Netherlands, Scrum Day Europe will bring together CTO's, CIO's, CEO's and Development Directors from around Europe for a day of focused conversation on improving software development. Ken Schwaber, the Co-founder of Scrum and founder of, will ...

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The value of quality Product Ownership

- Scrum Admin
in Community Blogfeed

The Scrum Product Owner role is one of the most misunderstood aspects of the framework. Often I find in my teaching and coaching that people believe the PO’s role is to write user stories and groom the backlog. This is a common misconception that can result in significant value being completel...

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