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Scrum Is Purposefully Incomplete- How Scrum Teams can Complement Scrum by Adding Practices, Tools and Frameworks

April 26, 2023
Scrum is "purposefully incomplete," as quoted from the Scrum Guide. Scrum is a simple and lightweight framework and many Scrum Teams adopt other practices to make it work for them. In this Scrum Pulse, Professional Scrum Trainer Lavaneesh Gautam will discuss how you can complement Scrum by adding your own context and additional processes, techniques and practices such as Kanban, EBM, User Experience, Product Management and Liberating Structures.
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Unlocking Agile Success: Aligning Your Organizational Design with Strategic Focus

March 19, 2023
Designing an Agile organisation is difficult without a framework - it involves making trade-offs between various design options. But did you know that your organization's strategic focus plays a crucial role in determining the right trade-offs? By combining the traits of an Agile organization with your strategic focus, you can identify the necessary capabilities to succeed.

Tus errores más comunes en Agile

March 19, 2023
Si eres un profesional de agilidad, entonces sabrás que cuáles son muchos los errores comunes en Agile asociados con este enfoque. Esto se debe a la naturaleza dinámica y cambiante del trabajo ágil. Sin embargo, es importante estar al tanto de los errores más comunes para evitar caer en ellos.

Women in Agile Podcast - Do More Stuff Better - Jill Stott

March 15, 2023
In this episode of the Women in Agile Podcast, learn about how Jill Stott, a passionate agilist, navigated her career to becoming the VP of Innovation at NextUp Solutions. In her conversation with host, Leslie Morse, she shares key learning moments from her career that have allowed her to reach a place where she is fulfilled and feels unstoppable. (35:16 Minutes)
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March 14, 2023
Transferring knowledge from the teacher to the learner so that the learner acquires new knowledge or skills
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5 Ways Empiricism Can Make You a Better Scrum Master

March 14, 2023
Successful Scrum Masters continuously find ways to improve their practice to have greater influence and impact on their teams and organizations. Scrum’s foundational concept, empiricism, which advances learning through experience and observation, can support this kind of growth. In this blog post, we’ll explore five ways that a Scrum Master can use empiricism to improve their own practice and become a more effective leader. 
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Why Your Team’s Scrum Genius Might be Holding You Back

March 13, 2023
A dogmatic approach to Scrum tends to close down discussion and inhibit collaboration. If it’s in the Scrum framework described in the Scrum Guide, it’s there for a reason. But if it is not outlined in the framework, Scrum teams can innovate how to apply Scrum in their unique environment.

Por una organización sin silos ni divisiones

March 12, 2023
La regla de una organización sin silos es un concepto importante que debe considerarse y adoptarse en cualquier estructura organizativa. Al eliminar estos silos, permitimos que las personas trabajen juntos de manera más efectiva y eficiente al mismo tiempo que fomenta una cultura de transparencia dentro de la empresa.

La facilitación en Scrum

March 10, 2023
La facilitación permite crear un espacio colaborativo para ayudar a las personas a moverse hacia los objetivos de una manera que se hagan incluyendo la participación conciente, voluntaria y motivada, el compromiso del resultado como equipo y la creatividad de todos.
Podcast Community Podcast - What Does it Take to be a Scrum Master and Land that First Interview?

March 9, 2023
There is a lot of information out there about how to prepare for a Scrum Master interview. But, how do you land that interview? What are the qualities, mindset and personality traits needed to be a Scrum Master? In this episode of the Community podcast, career transition expert and former agile coach, Nada Buhendi joins host Dave West to discuss these questions to give some guidance on this stepping stone to getting a position as a Scrum Master. They dive into the importance of good storytelling, knowing what you want and more!