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Entries for January 2014

Agile Processes in Telecom Sales Teams

- Ahmet Akdag
in Community Publications

This white paper summarizes one sales team’s Scrum transition. The company reviewed is one of the largest GSM operators in Middle East and East Europe region. With over 2000 employees, they provide innovative value added services to over 8 million customers. The company focused on revenue...

Resurrecting the Much-Maligned Scrum of Scrums

- Charles Bradley
in Resources

I have encountered many in the Agile community who love Scrum but seem to hate on the practice of Scrum of Scrums. Others describe their Scrum of Scrums as an overarching meeting of Scrum Masters, or as a meeting for a Product Owner team. In my experience, however, a Scrum of Scrums is a great way ...

Coaching for Personal Change

- Cesario Ramos
in Community Blogfeed

Coaching works great for change. Coaching is asking the right questions. It is not about providing answers. Every time you provide an answer to a person or team you take away an opportunity for them to self-organize, grow and learn. You take away an opportunity for them to take ownership of the chan...

The Antibiotics of Software Engineering - Agile Testing

- Ralph Jocham
in Community Blogfeed

Surgery is not a recent invention, it dates back millennia. Even if the procedure was successful, often the patient suffered and usually died of subsequent infections - until antibiotics were discovered. In software development we are able to develop rather fast and make significant changes to exis...

Agile Transformation at Philips

- Scrum Admin
in Community Publications

Measuring Success, Measuring Value

- Gunther Verheyen
in Resources

The aim to deliver valuable software is a great, core principle of the agile movement. The difficulty however is that ‘value’ in itself is hardly quantifiable. Yet, I do believe it is imperative to think in terms of value in software development and therefore overcome some fluffiness att...

Scrum Master’s toolkit: Christopher Avery’s Responsibility Model

- Kate Terlecka
in Community Blogfeed

Few years ago, on a conference I met a great guy – his name was Chris Avery. He mainly works with leaders and high-level management. He introduced me to his Responsibility Process, which I really like. It’s based on a model that you can use in your daily work. And if you’d like to ...

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