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Entries for October 2012

Professional Scrum Foundations in Alameda, California

- Martin Hinshelwood
in Community Blogfeed

Professional Scrum Foundations is my favourite course to teach as it balances fun and learning with practical experience.The Professional Scrum Foundations course is from and, over two days covers all of the core concepts of Scrum. makes it easier to connect with the experts

- Daniel Racowsky
in News

Scrum users seeking assistance received a new tool today. The network of professionals includes almost 100 individuals from 24 countries around the world. With the launch of the new “Find an Expert” section of the website, those professionals will be even easier to lo...

Scrum and Continuous Improvement

- Ken Schwaber
in Community Blogfeed

Organizations usually don’t adopt Scrum because they like its name. Instead, they have heard that software development is better if they use Scrum – quicker, cheaper, higher quality, more satisfied customers and employees. Sometimes things are so bad in software development that they try...