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Organisational Improvement: Using a Framework to Guide Your Change - ScrumPulse Webcast #9

- Simon Reindl
in Webcasts

Note: this episode of #ScrumPulse is moderated by Professional Scrum Trainer, Mark Noneman. Guiding an organisation through lasting change is complex. There is often a myriad of competing factors that need to be considered and these are different for each organisation. We know that our situation is...

Scrum Power of 3 imbalance – Scrum Master as Product Owner

- Simon Reindl
in Community Blogfeed

The question was recently posed to me – What conflicts occur if the Scrum Master is also the Product Owner? This can be seen as a workaround for not getting a dedicated Product Owner, which is dangerous as the key issue of not having anyone in a critical role is not being addressed. There...

Agile Compass

- Simon Reindl
in Community Blogfeed

When we use Agile methods we have to continually face up to challenges and uncertainty. As following a map can lead us to obstacles we have to overcome, we need something to guide us. An Agile Compass helps us to keep focus on our objectives and aligned with Lean and Agile principles. [Read more...]...

Tags: Agility