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Estimating for Software Development, Delivery, and Deadlines

- David Starr
in Community Blogfeed

Software development is often fundamentally different than the analogies used to describe it. Accordingly, estimating what software will be done and by when can be an exercise in frustration. Yet, some teams seem to just "get it", making accurate predictions of cost or effort. Other teams struggle w...

Creating an ATDD Ready Sprint Backlog in Scrum

- Ralph Jocham
in Community Blogfeed

Scrum is a very powerful framework to drive out the right requirements and thereby delivering the best possible product in a given time frame. This is made possible by frequent inspection and adaptation based on ongoing transparency. One of the empirical process-control-feedback loops is the Sprint ...

Guest Post: Affinity Estimating – A How-To

- Scrum Admin
in Community Blogfeed

At the last Scrum Trainer’s Retreat in Boston, MA, Lowell Lindstrom presented a 30-minute exercise on Affinity Estimating. Kane Mar has written a short blog entry on this technique for sizing a large Product Backlog here.  

Combining Kanban and Scrum – lessons from a team of sysadmins

- Kate Terlecka
in Community Blogfeed

Lately, Ken Schwaber’s post about Kanban, strongly stating that it’s not a good way to follow, stirred up Scrum, Kanban and lean worlds. Let’s not take any side here and take a closer look at these two approaches collaborating.