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Due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, we have paused all purchases and training in and from Russia.

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Mito: En Scrum lo que Importa es la Velocidad

July 8, 2019
La velocidad es uno de los temas de Scrum más discutidos online y offline. Sólo hace falta acercarse a la comunidad de Scrum Masters en Facebook para comprobar como muchas de las cuestiones planteadas están en la linea de la velocidad de entrega de los equipos de desarrollo de Software.
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What's your Elevator Pitch for Scrum?

July 5, 2019
A few years ago I went to a training course given by Ralph Kimball, the “inventor” of the Data Warehouse. It was a great experience but one of the main learnings for me was something he said that applied to all teams not just Data Warehouse teams.
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Agile Rocks Interviews - Dave West

July 1, 2019
Over the last year Steve Trapps and I have been chatting to people in the Agile community, in case you haven't seen it yet here is the output from our opportunity to grab Dave West the CEO and Product Owner for
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La Convergencia de DevOps y Scrum

June 27, 2019
DevOps es un área de mi interés desde hace varios años. En Diciembre de 2014, en la CAS de Barcelona, di una charla en Inglés sobre la experiencia haciendo que DevOps fuera uno de los pilares de la agilidad en la DVLA -Una suerte de DGT británica-.

The Path to Agility 2019 - The Agile Personality: Selecting and Developing Individuals for Successful Agile Teams - Dave West

June 24, 2019
In this talk, Dave West, CEO and Product Owner, will look at the learnings from a joint study with McKinsey in terms of hiring, selecting and coaching people for agility, and the best characteristics you should be looking for. Dave will provide practical interview questions to support the interview process and good practices for developing agile teams. (1:10:08 hours)
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Nexus Daily Scrum - No Scrum of Scrums

June 21, 2019
En Nexus no se requiere una reunión “Scrum of Scrums” ya que se usa el Nexus Daily Scrum. El Nexus Integration Team tiene la responsabilidad de gestionar las dependencias de un Nexus y es un equipo dedicado a esta labor entre otras responsabilidades.
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3 Tips & 8 Seconds that Change the Emotional Climate of your Team

June 19, 2019
Scrum Masters, ask yourself - Are you a natural servant leader, or do you struggle to be the inspiring coach that creates high-performing teams? If you have a real desire to change and are ready for some tough self-reflection, this article may inspire you, and give you hope that you can influence major changes, by starting with things that are within your control.
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No me llames SCRUM

June 17, 2019
Scrum cumplió 21 años en 2016. Ya tiene edad legal para comprar alcohol en la mayoría de estados americanos. Y durante este tiempo ha crecido mucho. Con muchos cambios.
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Sprint Planning with Kanban

June 15, 2019
A few months ago we looked at how teams can optimize flow across the Sprint boundary, a technique which is founded on their ability to make limited and sustainable commitments.

Scrum with UX: Moving Beyond Design Sprints

June 13, 2019
In this talk, Jeff Gothelf, the co-author of the book Lean UX, and Dave West, CEO and Product Owner of, discuss the challenges and benefits of bringing practices from lean UX to Scrum Teams. They answer questions about empirical learning, managing the backlog, understanding the customer and resolving the dual challenges of team composition and “fitting” design activities into scrum cadences. (41:13 Minutes)

How Testing is Different in an Agile Project

June 12, 2019
In this short Scrum Tapas video, Professional Scrum Trainer Peter Gfader talks about how testing can different in an agile environment. He walks through different stages, gives some basic recommendations. (4:33 Minutes)

Getting Stakeholders Involved in Sprint Reviews

May 28, 2019
In this short Scrum Tapas video, Professional Scrum Trainer Punit Doshi provides several ideas to get better involvement from stakeholders during Sprint Reviews including ways to get them to attend if they are reluctant to do so. (5:37 Minutes)

Some Ideas for Training Without Slides

May 28, 2019
In this short Scrum Tapas video, Professional Scrum Trainers Bjorn Persson and Henrik Berglund demonstrate some easy ways to draw pictures to express ideas rather than having to have slides when teaching or presenting. (4:26 Minutes)

From Vision to Market

May 23, 2019
In this short Scrum Tapas video, Professional Scrum Trainer Fabio Panzavolta discusses how work is driven from the vision.  He identifies that the Product Backlog is refined and revisited through empirical data, however too often the vision is not refined in the same way, putting the two out of sync.  This leads to miscommunication and potentially delivering less value. (4:36 Minutes)