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Entries for January 2012

You sunk my methodology

- Scrum Admin
in Community Blogfeed

This is a game I use to introduce people to iterative development. The aim is to help the players to understand that upfront large plans are pointless the minute they are created. Helmuth (quoted above), for me, was one of the first proponents of an iterative approach.

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Agile Economics: The Dollars and Sense of Scrum

- Chad Albrecht
in Webcasts

Chad Albrecht provides some very easy to understand economic models that provide a basis for why Agile outperforms traditional techniques. Chad also demonstrates a side-by-side cost model of an Agile vs. Traditional project.

Project Management: A Malady

- Scrum Admin
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Contrary to popular myth, Project Management is not a job, a profession or a career path. It is an illness, a disorder characterized by delusion, specifically a desire to control people and outcomes, and a belief that the future can be predicted accurately if only everyone did what they were su... Launches Agile Webcast Series

- Scrum Admin
in News

We are excited to announce the premier of the Global Webcast Series, an ongoing public discourse on Agile, Scrum, and professional software development. This free series kicks off January 24th with The Dollars and Sense of Agility, presented by Chad Albrecht, Agile Practice VP at Centare. ...

What is the roll of the Project Manager in Scrum?

- Scrum Admin
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I get a lot of questions about the role of the Project Manger in the world of Scrum and there is usually a lot of hemming and hawing from consultants and Scrum coaches that want to take the touchy-feely approach.

Origins of the Craft: Iterative / Incremental

- Scrum Admin
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For your consideration, a paper written by Victor Basili and Albert Turner, Iterative Enhancement : A Practical Technique for Software Development. They make some very good points about iterative feature development, some of which I’d like to call out in this post. Here are some...

Definition of Done Discovery

- Ryan Cromwell
in Community Blogfeed

One of the important aspects of Scrum and the more fundamental concept incremental delivery is building Done software each iteration.  There are a lot of holes in that statement, but that makes sense; Scrum is full of holes… on purpose.  If you want answers rather than a framework b...

FedEx Day: Lighting Corporate Passion

- Rob van Lanen
in Community Publications

How can my team deliver value and innovation in 24 hours without intervention from management? A "FedEx Day" can be used to show management that just a few people can deliver innovative, working products and software in only 24 hours, and how intrinsic motivators are the key to unlocking our own inn...

Agile’s Coming of Age

- David Starr
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Now that the term “Agile” is sufficiently compromised as to be near meaningless, Agile Software Development is old enough to stand on its own, make its own business case, and demonstrate its value. But it still isn’t a mature adult. Agile Software Development is a hormonally unbala...