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- Scrum Admin
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We are pleased to announce that we have established five new LinkedIn groups for the use of individuals certified through These groups will serve as platforms for: 

Collaboration: Certified individuals can use the groups' messaging features to develop their understanding of Scrum and how to apply it.
Networking: Certified individuals can connect with others who are looking to hire or be hired based on Scrum expertise.
Marketing: Certified individuals can display the appropriate certification logo on their LinkedIn profiles to signal their expertise.'s four LinkedIn groups include communities for: 
  1. as a whole - for those who hold any certification. 
  2. Professional Scrum Masters I - for those certified as PSM Is.
  3. Professional Scrum Masters II - for those certified as PSM IIs.
  4. Professional Scrum Developers - for those certified as PSDs.
  5. Professional Scrum Developer Trainers - for those certified and licensed as PSDTs.
We encourage people who would like to stay abreast of news but who do not hold certification to "Follow" as a company rather than joining groups. 

Those who hold certifications are invited to send a request to join the appropriate groups.

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