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Announcing The First Ever "Scrum Spike" In Brazil

- Scrum Admin
in News would like to announce the first of its kind Scrum Spike.  This invite-only event will take place in Sao Paulo, Brazil on Saturday, July 24th.  In order to learn how to receive an invitation, you can read more details on the event page.  What is a Scrum Spike, you ask?  A Spike is an Extreme Programming term used to describe an exploration into a solution plaguing a team or organization.  A spike is narrow and deep in scope, and is typically used to explore potential solutions to a problem in a new domain or with a new technology.  The Spike provides more information about the problem so it can be more easily estimated or solved.

The Scrum Spike will bring the best Scrum practitioners in Brazil together to drive their knowledge of Scrum to new depths.  Space is limited to only 150 people.  Admission will be based first on assessment score and then on registration date.  Those people interested in attending are encouraged to register and complete their assessment quickly.

Details can be found here.
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