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First Professional Scrum Developer Class In The World Starts Today (April 12th) In Brazil

- Scrum Admin
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As many probably know, today marks the release of Visual Studio 2010, Microsoft's ALM platform.  It also marks the start of the first Professional Scrum Developer (PSD) class being offered to the public!  The PSD program is the official training program for the latest release of Visual Studio, and it represents a revolutionary change to how developers are trained.

Giovanni Bassi has the honor of hosting the first ever PSD class, and we are anxious to hear the results from him and his students.  The course is 5 days in length, during which students will cover not just the VS2010 tool, but also Scrum and development practices.  They do this while working on a team, in the Scrum framework, to deliver increments of potentially shippable product.

After the course the students will each need to acheive a 90% on the PSD assessment in order to be certified as a PSD I.  Certainly not an easy task!

We wish Giovanni and his students the best of luck.

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