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What my father taught me about Agility Path (34 years before it was invented!)

- Martin Hinshelwood
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A few weeks ago I headed out to the offices in Boston to participate in training to become an Engagement Manager for Agility Path. I was talking to my father about it when I got back and was surprised that he recognised many of the practices and tools.

In the 1990′s my father (John Hinshelwood) was a regional director of a large estate agency (realtor) in the UK. For many years he worked from a single shop in Glasgow running his own business. In 1988 he sold his business to a large Insurance company that was trying to get its ailing Estate Agency business to turn a profit. It was failing at this task, however it was not long before my father’s talent for detail was noticed and within a few short months was appointed a directorship. Using evidence-based practices he turned a lossmaking business into a profiting business for over 5 years. Three months after he left they were making a loss again! They had not changed to embrace Evidence-based Management as an organisation and without my father’s stewardship they slumped back into the old ways.

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