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Why Kanban Matters to All Agile Teams

- Scrum Admin
in Webcasts

Kanban provides much more value than simply visualization and is quickly evolving into a critical practice that all teams, regardless of their methodology or state of Agile adoption should consider. Learn how you can use Kanban practices to make lasting improvements to your software development proc...

Tags: Teams, Agility

Agile and Quality: It is not an Oxymoron but a Necessity

- Ralph Jocham
in Webcasts

If at all, then only intrinsic quality can be tested into a product during the hardening phase. However, this does not guarantee the extrinsic quality, the usability and enjoyment of a product. Ralph discusses how to meet the end users expectations, achieving both intrinsic and extrinsic quality.

Agile Practices in a Traditional Organization

- Scrum Admin
in Webcasts

Is it possible to make decisions at the last responsible moment and still satisfy our organization's long lead time for planning and resources? Can we tie our project's large goals to an individual story in an iteration? Join Jared as he explores how to go about adopting Agile practices in your trad...

Coaching your Team and Organization

- Simon Reindl
in Webcasts

This webcast examines essential coaching strategies and techniques for improving your Scrum Teams and how to take the first step in igniting change. Join Simon as he walks you through ways to coach change and most importantly ways to sustain this change and make a lasting impact.

Organizational Democracy

- Giovanni Bassi
in Webcasts

We live in a world where democracy is the norm. Anywhere you ask, people are going to state loud and clear that they believe in democracy. But do they? This widely popular yet controversial webcast examines the roots of democracy and hierarchy, and explores what some real companies are doi...

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- Martin Hinshelwood
in Webcasts

Scrum is the most adopted and recognized agile methodology. However, there are still challenges to Scrum adoption. Martin will dive into several Scrum adoption pitfalls and how an organization can avoid them. In particular, we will highlight some of the proven practices that have worked for diverse ...

Tags: Scrum

Adopting Test-First Development

- Don McGreal
in Webcasts

Don incrementally demonstrates the concepts of Unit Testing, Test-Driven Development, and then Behavior-Driven Development that enable us not just to create robust regression tests, but also clean and maintainable code.

Release Duration and Enterprise Agility

- Scrum Admin
in Webcasts

Learn how short release durations help companies test market theories to maximize profit. Daniel Greening considers the relationship of process methodology, development group size and release duration by looking at example companies, Citrix Online, and PatientKeeper.

Agile Economics: The Dollars and Sense of Scrum

- Chad Albrecht
in Webcasts

Chad Albrecht provides some very easy to understand economic models that provide a basis for why Agile outperforms traditional techniques. Chad also demonstrates a side-by-side cost model of an Agile vs. Traditional project.