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Reworked - Don't Let Middle Managers Block Agile Transformation

May 24, 2022
Middle managers in today's organizations still act as the glue that enables things to happen. They connect, enable and provide what teams and first-line managers need to get their work done. They have experience in the work coupled with knowledge of the systems and processes of the organization. They know the right people and can navigate politics, ensuring their teams make progress. This article by Dave West talks about their role in Agile Transformations.

Finding the Right Collaboration Balance With Scrum

April 21, 2022
Collaboration levels can differ greatly when working with others. People create things together, perform different jobs on related products, conduct peer review, build components that need to interoperate and sometimes it just comes down to sharing ideas. In this Reworked article, Eric Naiburg talks about how Scrum can help find that balance.

Pausing Training and Certifications in Russia

March 3, 2022
We are deeply concerned about the Russian invasion of Ukraine and stand with all of the people who are suffering as a result of this violence. Over the past few days we have been working together with members of our community to decide on a response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Our intent is to stop the flow of economic transactions moving in and out of Russia.

Why Does the Scrum Guide Keep Changing?

November 14, 2021
The latest Scrum Guide updates saw the release of the 5th version of the Scrum Guide in 2020. A number of changes have been made to the framework, while we believe some are worth considering, some aren’t that important. Some very important changes have been made to the Scrum Guide over the years and this article covers why there was a need for these changes.

Deliver Value Installment #1: Definition of Value (DoV)

October 7, 2021
Dave West is quoted in this article about value. "Value is a subjective measure.  Therefore, it is not how I define it that matters, but ultimately the person and organization that I wish to bring value to that are relevant. For example, it would be easy to describe the outcome of a sale (happy customer, rich seller, etc.), but ultimately you have to ask why is the person buying that thing – what is the value they want to receive? Also, what value does the seller achieve – why are they selling this thing rather than doing something else?  It is a complex question – so ultimately, I say the value is something defined by the individual that describes the outcome of the event."

Speed, Efficiency, and Value: Using Empiricism to Achieve Business Agility

October 7, 2021
Customers seek solutions that improve their outcomes, and organizations don’t know what will achieve this until they deliver something to them, measure the results, and adapt accordingly. Doing so, repeatedly, frequently, and with the smallest investment to achieve the greatest amount of feedback, is the essence of organizational agility. Organizations who master this succeed in today’s complex world. Learn more in this InfoQ article by Kurt Bittner.
News Adds More Value for its Professional Scrum™ Certification Holders with Credly Digital Credentialing 

August 18, 2021, The Home of Scrum, today launched a new digital badging program for its Professional Scrum certification holders through Credly, the digital credentialing leader. Beginning next week, upon earning certifications, certification holders will earn a digital credential from Credly and existing certification holders will also be invited to add their certifications, further amplifying their achievement.

VSM in the Wild: How to Respond and React to Change

March 16, 2021
The benefits of a value stream management (VSM) approach — aligning the business, eliminating waste, and improving delivery — have been realized, but what businesses are still struggling with is taking those promises of VSM and making them a reality. {virtual} VSM DevCon presented a roundtable panel of diverse perspectives and viewpoints to look at how VSM is behaving in the “real world,” who is leading the effort, and the roadblocks businesses are coming across. The panel included Laureen Knudsen, CTO at Broadcom Enterprise Software; Dave West, CEO of; and Andrew Brydon, a distinguished engineer and transformation expert from National Australia Bank. Watch the full panel as well as sessions from the conference here. 

How Helps Development, Site-Building, and Other Teams Tackle Complex Problems

December 16, 2020 is a training and certification body that uses the principles of Scrum to help people and teams with complicated product delivery. In addition to software development and site-building teams, groups from a broad range of industries now leverage the framework to improve their problem-solving abilities. Read this article from to learn more.

Bring Remote Agile Teams Together: Expert Tips and Best Practices

May 12, 2020
In this article, they collected the best practices and tips for remote Agile teams from certified Agile instructors, published authors, and practice leaders including CEO, Dave West. Included on this page, you’ll find expert tips for Agile remote teams and the pros of working remotely on an Agile team, and learn how to easily overcome common challenges. Plus, gain best practices for remote leaders, teams, and individuals.

ChatOps, DevOps, ScrumOps and 5 Other Ops Religions

January 30, 2020
Dave West Quoted - “It’s a total misconception that it has to be either Scrum or DevOps. And there’s a tension between the two that is wholly misplaced…we’re using it as a way to remind everyone in the DevOps and Scrum communities that it’s not an either/or situation. The fact that you can use Scrum for more effective DevOps truly should be something that everyone gets.” And thus, the two can go hand-in-hand.