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What is Your Product?

December 2, 2020
To be product-aligned and customer-focused, everyone in your product ecosystem needs to agree on the answer to the question, “What is Your Product?” Many organizations don’t have clarity about how they define a product or products. There is ambiguity and disagreement on the answer, defining the product too narrowly or confusing product with product line or even company with product.  Not understanding what “the product” is, can lead to slow response to changing customer and market needs and less than satisfying product outcomes. Misalignment over the definition of the product thwarts efforts to scale agile product development and causes a plethora of organizational and communication woes. 

User Experience Fishbowl - Join, Learn and Participate

September 30, 2020
How can Liberating Structures be used to fortify Scrum Teams? Join this virtual User Experience Fishbowl and learn from practitioners how they have used the Liberating Structures Conversation Cafe and/or User Experience Fishbowl to support their Scrum Teams. What was made possible by using these Liberating Structures? What challenges did people run into? What made it easier?

Actionable Awareness: Unlock Your Influence

September 24, 2020
Whether you're trying to figure out how to help your team improve, just starting with a new team, or mentoring a Scrum Master, the key to unlocking your influence is the ability to have actionable awareness. In this webinar with Professional Scrum Trainer Mark Wavle, you will learn about and apply the Actionable Awareness Canvas and the set of skills it prompts you to use, pausing your own viewpoints, slowing down your thinking, and broadening your awareness.

Finding Value as a Product Owner

September 15, 2020
In this Webinar Professional Scrum Trainer Jim Sammons will talk about the big "V" in Scrum, Value. Much is said about this term, but what *is* value? How do I find it? When I *think* I know what is valuable, what do I do next? How can I validate the value with my customers? During this session Jim will look at some models around prioritizing work, understand what "negative value" is, and how to order work to improve feedback loops. All of this in the hope of delighting customers and user. Jim will do his best to give some advice on what to do when value isn't well understood and we just need to "get it done".

An Inspirational Story on the Accessibility of Training

August 3, 2020
This story is told by Kameshwari Rao, a Student in a recent Professional Scrum Master training class taught by Professional Scrum Trainer Reshma (Simran) Nagrani. Kameshwari discusses how she was able to attend the class and gain full value from it even with her visual impairment and she talks about what Simran did to help make it possible. (2:14 Minutes)

You and your UX Professional

July 28, 2020
We all want the ideal cross functional scrum team with all the UX skills and capabilities it needs to consistently produce valuable products. Most commonly UX is a shared service with part time availability. This hour Adam Deardurff, career UX pro, and Summer Lawrence PST, talk about maximizing the time with your UX SME and some tactics to move closer to integrating those rare UX skills onto your agile team.

What is the Professional Scrum Product Owner Class

July 27, 2020
Meet Ralph Jocham and Chuck Suscheck who are the stewards for the Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO) class. In this video, Ralph and Chuck provide a brief overview of the class to help you better understand the expected outcomes. (2:16 Minutes)
Case Study

Building Understanding Between Scrum Teams and Management with Liberating Structures

July 26, 2020
Philips, with their roots in complexity science, used both the Scrum framework and Liberating Structures to help people navigate challenges, from small to complex, by working together effectively. This case study is the first in a series to demonstrate how Scrum Teams (can) use Liberating Structures to deliver more value to their stakeholders. Each case study focuses on how one particular Liberating Structure was used to help Scrum Teams overcome a the company challenge frequently experienced by many teams.

The Inevitability of change

July 15, 2020
There is no such thing as an Agile Transformation, Digital Transformation, DevOps Transformation, or any of the Whatever Transformation that you can think of or have been sold. You can’t buy agility, and you certainly can’t install it. There is no end state, no optimal outcome, No best practices. We are no longer factory workers.

Is Kanban Linear?

July 14, 2020
A typical Kanban board shows a series of steps or activities that work passes through. Does this mean that Kanban is only suitable for "linear" processes? Scrum is a proven strategy for addressing complex adaptive problems, so if Kanban is linear, is it an unsuitable complimentary practice to add to Scrum?

Getting Started with Scrum Canvas

July 13, 2020
Whether you're launching your first Scrum effort or starting your twelfth, the 'Getting Started with Scrum' canvas can help organize your thoughts on what is needed to kick off your first Sprint.

Scrum Tune-Up Canvas

July 13, 2020
Even the best Scrum implementations can use a little tune-up now and then to stay healthy! Our 'Scrum Tune-Up' canvas helps you explore team and organizational dynamics to improve and get more value out of your Scrum. 

Should We Use Scrum Canvas

July 13, 2020
It doesn't make sense to use Scrum for everything, but it can be hard to beat in the world of complexity. This canvas will help teams explore their existing environment and reveal challenges the team might face whether they use Scrum or not. 
Blog Post

Wer trifft den Release-Entscheid?

July 13, 2020
Ein Produkt für Kunden verfügbar zu machen ist der einzige Weg für ein Unternehmen, mit diesem Produkt Wert zu generieren. Erst wenn ein Produkt am Markt verfügbar ist, sind Kunden bereit, Geld dafür zu bezahlen. Wer aber entscheidet, ob ein Produkt released wird?

A Dagger in the Heart of Agility

July 9, 2020
In this Scrum Tapas video, Professional Scrum Trainer Ravi Verma uses satire as a way to emphasize how agility can help an organization. He discusses ways that he has seen people within organizations look at agile for software delivery as outdated and what can happen if they ignore the value that working in a more agile way can help. (4:28 Minutes)