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Entries for February 2012

Nobody’s Perfct

- Scrum Admin
in Community Blogfeed

This game is aimed to learn from failing. Just imagine you are on the Daily Standup meeting. Each player brings his issues to the team and also trying to solve issues that are already open. You will be surprised by patterns of collaborative work and the power of solving issues together with th...

Tags: Agile Games

Craftsmanship in Corporate Software

- Scrum Admin
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The software craftsmanship movement is gaining momentum.  The idea that writing software is a craft is one that you may or may not agree with, but it is hard to disagree with some of the practices that the community promotes.

Adopting Test-First Development

- Don McGreal
in Webcasts

Don incrementally demonstrates the concepts of Unit Testing, Test-Driven Development, and then Behavior-Driven Development that enable us not just to create robust regression tests, but also clean and maintainable code.

Guest Post: Affinity Estimating – A How-To

- Scrum Admin
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At the last Scrum Trainer’s Retreat in Boston, MA, Lowell Lindstrom presented a 30-minute exercise on Affinity Estimating. Kane Mar has written a short blog entry on this technique for sizing a large Product Backlog here.  

Creating upward behavioural spirals in Agile teams - Part 1 of 2

- Edwin Dando
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I love being Scrum Trainer, mentor and coach. It provides regular insights into human behaviour that I personally find utterly fascinating. One of my favourite exercises that I use in Scrum Training is the Ball Game. It is a simple game and gives teams a wonderful opportunity to experience the power...

Time box: Get-Stuff-Done Tool for Risk Reduction, Focus, and Decision Making

- Ryan Cromwell
in Community Blogfeed

Teams talk some good game when they sell Agile to their organizational leaders: real software in a few weeks, higher quality, and, if they’re really good, risk reduction.  “See, if we build these features early,” they say, “and people don’t like it, we’ve sav...

Tags: Behavior, Agility

Release Duration and Enterprise Agility

- Scrum Admin
in Webcasts

Learn how short release durations help companies test market theories to maximize profit. Daniel Greening considers the relationship of process methodology, development group size and release duration by looking at example companies, Citrix Online, and PatientKeeper.

Register Now: The Second Free Agile Webcast Series

- SuperUser Account
in News

Daniel Greening, former Director of Engineering Productivity and User Experience at Citrix, will be delivering's second Agile Webcast Series event on Tuesday, February 7th, 11:00am-12:00pm (EST), completely free to you. In Release Duration and Enterprise Agility, Daniel explores how the...