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Entries for February 2013

Enacting Scrum and Agile with Visual Studio 2012

- Clementino Mendonca
in Community Publications

Find out how Visual Studio has become the tool of choice to manage your Scrum projects, and how it stands out of the way allowing you to do Agile in your own terms instead of forcing you to adapt your development process to a tool. We will take a tour on how you can enact Scrum best practices and cy...

Tags: Scrum, Tools

We shouldn't build software like we build houses

- Alex Armstrong
in Community Blogfeed

On January 25th, 2013, Wired published an article by Leslie Lamport describing the need to build software like we build houses. This wasn’t the first time I heard this argument, but I was surprised that a publication as forward-thinking as Wired would publish such a backwards-looking article. ...

Essence of enterprise Scrum

- Ken Schwaber
in Resources

Learn more about Agility Path™.

How to run a Sprint Review

- Edwin Dando
in Community Blogfeed

The most common Scrum meeting that people seem to get wrong is the Sprint Review. I hear people calling it a “demo", a “showcase” or my pet hate the “show and tell". This completely fails to achieve the key purpose of the Sprint Review. The Sprint Review is designed so tha...

Tags: Scrum

The Herculean Doughnut

- Scrum Admin
in Community Blogfeed

This is a game I created, which was then used and refined by me and my colleague Laurie Young to help gauge how well everyone involved in a project understand their responsibilites to the project and each other. It lends insight in to the pre-conceptions that people have about how projects should be...

Tags: Agile Games

Non Violent Communication

- Giovanni Bassi
in Resources Professional Scrum Trainer Giovanni Bassi provides examples of typical downfalls of ineffective communication, followed by simple communication methods you can begin using immediately to influence your team in a positive way. FYI: video frames blur from 3:51-3:59.

Tags: Behavior, Videos

Leveling Up Agile Requirements

- David Starr
in Community Publications

Not only does backlog management impact product architecture, but full adoption of Experience Leveling can also enable faster time-to-production, higher quality, and better user experience. Mature agile development teams strive to deliver only the smallest amount of functionality and code needed to...

Ways to Play Scrum

- Gunther Verheyen
in Community Blogfeed

In our Professional Scrum classes we also talk about the topics of User Stories, Planning Poker and (Daily) Stand-up meetings. Some attendants have never heard of it. Some have never practiced it. Some are convinced, or have been instructed, that Scrum says these are mandatory to do.