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Entries for February 2014

PSPO I Assessment is Now Available to All

- Scrum Admin
in News

All assessments and certifications can now be attempted by anyone, worldwide. Assessing one’s knowledge is a great way to validate, learn, and improve one’s understanding of a given subject area. Now, Product Owners who need to understand what drives value for their product, a...

Scrum Power of 3 imbalance – Scrum Master as Product Owner

- Simon Reindl
in Community Blogfeed

The question was recently posed to me – What conflicts occur if the Scrum Master is also the Product Owner? This can be seen as a workaround for not getting a dedicated Product Owner, which is dangerous as the key issue of not having anyone in a critical role is not being addressed. There...

Essentials for Creating and Maintaining a High Performance Development Team

- Scrum Admin
in Community Blogfeed

What I see a lot of, is organisations hiring code monkeys rather than professionals. Either they hire: the cheapest talent they can get their hands on. Now they want the best, but how much they have to pay the developer is the most important factor to them, or the person that completes ...