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Entries for June 2014

A Software Development Profession

- Gunther Verheyen
in Community Blogfeed

Creative, artful thinking and craftsmanship are ESSENTIAL QUALITIES for any software developer. But shouldn't software development be about more than an act of art, a craft in best case? Isn’t there a need to add professionalism to it? Shouldn't software development be a profession? It is tem...

The goal of a Scrum Master is NOT to make herself unneeded

- Henrik Berglund
in Community Blogfeed

I keep hearing things like “The goal of a Scrum Master/coach is to make herself unneeded”, or “For a mature team, we can do with a part time Scrum Master/coach”. None of these make any sense to me. I can understand where it is coming from though. I think it is since we have ...

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How to explain the Scrum Culture

- Dominik Maximini
in Community Blogfeed

While the new book on this topic is still awaiting its publication I will try to explain the cultural aspects of Scrum to conference attendees at the Scrum Day Germany (1st and 2nd of July) and at the Scrum Day Europe (3rd of July). But how is it possible to convey such a complex topic within 40 min...

Scrum Day Europe 2014

- Gunther Verheyen
in Community Blogfeed

As from 2011 there has been a genuine boom of Scrum in the Netherlands. And it is still going on. A virus improving the lives of many people in the fascinating world of software development. I have worked with several Dutch organizations, of which ING is probably one of the biggest, one that I docum...

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Evidence-based Management: Gathering the metrics

- Martin Hinshelwood
in Community Blogfeed

Evidence-based Management for Software Organisations is a framework from to help organisations focus their efforts on most valuable improvements and monitor their effect for the organisation.In my experience, organisations recognize agility as a means to improve their value, yet tend to la...