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Entries for July 2013

Quality enablement to achieve predictable delivery

- Martin Hinshelwood
in Community Blogfeed

You need quality enablement to achieve predictable delivery for your organisation which takes effort to achieve. I do a lot of ALM Assessments for companies and almost every customer that I speak to has unpredictable quality in the software delivery that they receive from their teams. This is not a...

Does your team have a bad apple?

- Edwin Dando
in Community Blogfeed

A fascinating recent study has shown that a single, toxic team member can create group team wide dysfunction and breakdown. We have all worked in teams where there is one “difficult” person. They seem to take up a disproportionate amount of the teams time and energy. Conversati...

Tags: Teams, Behavior

Scrum culture survey extended

- Dominik Maximini
in Community Blogfeed

You most likely will remember the start of our great study, the "Nature of Scrum Survey". The original idea was to collect 200 or more responses (so it is remotely statistically validate-able) and conduct the statistical analysis in August. Even though many people participated and offered ...

Tags: Scrum at Agile 2013, Nashville, Tennessee

- Daniel Racowsky
in News is attending the Agile Conference as a Silver Sponsor this year in the 'Music City', August 5-9. Expect to see exciting announcements on the days leading up to the event. Watch for the release of the new 2013 Scrum Guide on August 1st, authored by founders of Scrum, Ken Schwaber and Jeff...

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Suavez votre voisin!

- Scrum Admin
in Community Blogfeed

Comme je l’avais promis dans mon billet intitulé « Sauvez votre voisin », je vous présente ici des pistes de réflexion, des techniques et des exemples concrets pour vous inspirer et vous aider à trouver votre propre voie. Comment s’y prend-on pour ...

Tags: Teams

Does your company culture resemble Survivor?

- Martin Hinshelwood
in Community Blogfeed

Does your company culture resemble Survivor? Do you have a culture in your organisation where individuals that help others are considered slackers for not getting their own assignments complete?

Reflections on Scrum Day Europe 2013: Path To Agility

- Scrum Admin
in Community Blogfeed

Scrum Day Europe 2013 was a blast! Just like last year, the conference was held in the marvelous Pakhuis de Zwijger in Amsterdam, and was attended by hundreds of Scrum enthusiasts from all over Europe. This years conference focussed on how to extend Scrum practices from the team to the organizationa...

Tags: Scrum, Agility

You are not Agile if you are not automating tests

- Joshua Partogi
in Community Blogfeed

Over the years I have seen many people who claims to be Agile when they’re really not. Agile is seen as a fad. You are not cool if you are not Agile. Everybody wants to be seen as Agile. Most of the time I had conversations with those who claims to be Agile, they told me that they are now Agil...