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Entries for July 2014

Scrum Is A Stance (too)

- Gunther Verheyen
in Community Blogfeed

Presumably there are many reasons why Scrum turned into the leading framework for Agile software development during the past decade. One of the reasons may be the simplicity of Scrum. Or, perhaps it is the opposite, the wide adoption of Scrum is more like a miracle given that same simplicity.  ...

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Join at Agile 2014

- Scrum Admin
in News is a Platinum Sponsor at Agile 2014, the premier international Agile conference of the year. This event is a unique opportunity to connect with world-class Agile and Scrum experts, authors, and innovators from over 40 countries. With 1800+ attendees, and 240+ talks across 16 program trac...

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Prowareness is now a Partner in Principle with

- Scrum Admin
in News

Prowareness Group B.V. is a consulting company with a focus on agile development and transformation services. Prowareness provides services to their customers from their offices in the Netherlands, US, India, and Germany where they have dedicated agile teams, coaches and trainers. Prowareness encou...

Decision Rules for the Teams

- Ilia Pavlichenko
in Community Blogfeed

I often ask a very simple question: “What are the decision rules of your team? “. It’s not rare for this question to make Scrum Masters and Managers feel quite uncomfortable. Plus, it is really good if you can easily answer it. Now I will to explain why this question is so importan...

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Scrum Training and the Organization

- Derek Davidson
in Community Blogfeed

By the time organizations decide to adopt Scrum, they have to decide how to implement it. On more than one occasion, I've experienced organizations conducting an internal search for anyone that knows Scrum with the expectation that these people can then drive Scrum adoption. But as anyone who has do...