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Increasing Team Productivity

- Rob Maher
in Community Publications
Increasing develpoment productivity is a hot topic. This paper focuses on increasing team productivity and discusses how changing a project staffing model can increase the productivity of project teams.

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Tags: Teams, Agility

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Chris Fortuin
Chris Fortuin posted on Tuesday, October 30, 2012 9:25 PM Permalink to this Comment
Great article by Rob describing a simple but highly effective staffing model for improving team productivity: bring projects to teams (instead of people to projects).

This can be compared with successful sports teams where coaches also prefer continuity so the team can grow. They know that a real threat for winning is to have to integrate new players before each match or have a complete team after a season.

I immediately also like to combine this staffing model with growing the Scrum footprint in an organisation by carefully adding people to productive teams and, similar to mitosis, separate them in two teams whenever they have reached a critical mass of around 9 people.

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