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Scrum Developer Program Update - Alpha Course

- Scrum Admin
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At the beginning of October, the first alpha run of the Scrum Developer course, a collaboration between Microsoft and, was given to 19 students from 6 different countries around the world.  Feedback was overwhelmingly positive, and the team is in the process of incorporating the feedback received before the next trial run of the course in November.  Ken Schwaber and the team at are excited to have completed this first milestone and to be moving forward with the delivery of the course.

The Scrum Developer course, while different in style, complexity, and intended audience from existing Scrum Alliance courses, supports the overall Scrum community by letting developers experience what it is like to function on a Scrum Development team, what challenges are being encountered by teams in the software development community, and what are some of the tools that can be employed to address those challenges.  All of this has the intended goal of helping teams develop and deliver quality high-quality increments of software in the timebox of a Scrum sprint.

For more information on the Scrum Developer program, please visit

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