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How to make a good Product Owner

- Adam Cogan
in Community Blogfeed
At my Teched talks this month (Australia and New Zealand) I talked about Product Owners. After my session there were lots of discussion around the Product Owner Scrum role, and what makes a good one. I loved hearing the stories of dysfunction about Product Owners who have not done their job well.

What does a good Product Owner need to do?

  1. Be available for Sprint Reviews, Retrospectives and Sprint Planning meetings (approximately half a day for these 3 meetings, for each 2 week sprint).
  2. Order the Product Backlog. The important things will be done first, in order to maximize the ROI as the budget will run out one day.
  3. Be available, at least remotely, to unblock a developer if he has questions/impediments. A good PO has a feeling of urgency.

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