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Prowareness is now a Partner in Principle with

- Scrum Admin
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Prowareness Group B.V. is a consulting company with a focus on agile development and transformation services. Prowareness provides services to their customers from their offices in the Netherlands, US, India, and Germany where they have dedicated agile teams, coaches and trainers.

Prowareness encourages empiricism and the values and principles of Scrum and the Agile Manifesto with teams and organizations worldwide. They are committed to “Improving the profession of software development” and offer numerous events and opportunities for the Scrum community to come together. As part of their offering and mission to help customers attain a deeper understanding of agility through Scrum, Prowareness began conducting Professional Scrum courses in 2011. In 2014, Prowareness solidified their presence within the community with one Evidence-Based Management consultant and eight Professional Scrum Trainers in two continents.

Proudly, Prowareness and now work together as partners in principle. The Partnership in Principle program is based on Prowareness’ intent to increase value from agility internally as well as externally. They use the Evidence-Based Management program to guide them.

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