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Enacting Scrum and Agile with Visual Studio 2012

- Clementino Mendonca
in Community Publications

Find out how Visual Studio has become the tool of choice to manage your Scrum projects, and how it stands out of the way allowing you to do Agile in your own terms instead of forcing you to adapt your development process to a tool. We will take a tour on how you can enact Scrum best practices and cy...

Tags: Scrum, Tools

News from Face to Face meeting at ALM Summit 2013

- Clementino Mendonca
in Community Blogfeed

The Face to Face meeting this weekend (Jan. 26-27) was as usual packed with information I will be digesting over the next few weeks. In a Face to Face we are all invited to actively participate. With every presentation it transpired the ideal of contributing to the “improve...