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Hey “Programmers”, It’s Time to Grow Up and Be Professional

- Richard Banks
in Community Blogfeed

Oh, what’s that? You don’t care if anyone thinks you’re a professional? You think you already act professionally; it’s not your problem if the requirements are daft and the users are stupid? You just want to be left alone to write great code since other people just get in the...

Women in IT – a very subjective post

- Kate Terlecka
in Community Blogfeed

    Disclaimer: opinions expressed in this post are not meant to offend anyone; they are highly subjective and based on my own experiences. Let’s start with a story from some years ago, when I was seeking a job as a junior developer, right out of studies. A male friend did the ...

Tags: Behavior

The "Nature of Scrum Survey" awaits you!

- Dominik Maximini
in Community Blogfeed

What is the nature of Scrum? What are it's cultural characteristics? What are companies going to face if they introduce Scrum while trying to maintain their existing corporate cultures? I am going to find out - with your help! At you can find two surveys, each of whi...

Metrics to Build Great Agile Teams: Measure Influence, Not Control

- Scrum Admin
in Community Blogfeed

Couple of weeks back, I noticed an incident that triggered this post. Senior Management in a company applauded people for showing individual heroics on the project. Some of them were: Staying late in office to address a client request? Responding to project emails at late night. Rewarding testers on...

Tags: Teams, Behavior

Scrum: Tactics for a Purpose

- Gunther Verheyen
in Community Blogfeed

The purpose of Scrum is to help people inspect & adapt, to provide transparency to the work being undertaken, to know reality to base decisions on, to adjust, to adapt, to change, to gain flexibility. The rules, principles and roles of the framework, as described in the Scrum Guid...

Tags: Scrum

Iterative Estimation

- Scrum Admin
in Community Blogfeed

Estimation has been the bane of the developer’s life ever since we moved beyond the hacker era of software creation, and into “corporate software”. When people hacked, they just wrote code, completed stuff and released it. People took pride in their work, challenged one another, ma...

You are doing it wrong if you are not using test first

- Martin Hinshelwood
in Community Blogfeed

Many teams are struggling with delivering modern software because they are not building with Test First principals. Test First gives us the assurance that we have built the correct thing, that what we built is what the customer asked for and that when we change things we don’t break anything i...

Who stole all my Scrum benefits?

- Edwin Dando
in Community Blogfeed

You’ve seen the statistics - Jeff Sutherland’s group consistently achieving 500-750% increases in productivity, organisations tripling their productivity in a matter of months etc. You’ve implemented Scrum so how come you aren’t reaping these sorts of benefits? [Read more...]...

Tags: Scrum, Teams

The Path to Agility

- Ken Schwaber
in Resources

The move is on. More and more organizations are abandoning waterfall and opting for agility. The benefits are overwhelming, documented by Standish Group, the GAO, and DOD. Lately, two approaches to becoming agile have emerged. Watch this talk to learn more about Agility Path™, presen...

Estimating for Software Development, Delivery, and Deadlines

- David Starr
in Community Blogfeed

Software development is often fundamentally different than the analogies used to describe it. Accordingly, estimating what software will be done and by when can be an exercise in frustration. Yet, some teams seem to just "get it", making accurate predictions of cost or effort. Other teams struggle w... to debut "Agility Path" at COHAA Conference

- Daniel Racowsky
in News

For the third consecutive year, is a Gold sponsor at this year's COHAA Path to Agility conference in Columbus, OH, May 22 - 23, 2013. Events not to be missed at the COHAA event: will demo Agility Path™,  Co-founder of Scrum and Ken Schwaber wil...

Tags: Conferences

CHAOS Tuesday: Learning from Retrospectives (Audio)

- Ken Schwaber
in Community Publications

The Standish Group's CHAOS Tuesday production has special guest Ken Schwaber of Scrum.Org on their show to discuss what can be learned from doing retrospectives. Topics covered: the retrospective process; how it differs from a project postmodern; how to get the most out of a retrospective; ways to i...

Tags: Podcasts

Charles Darwin and Continuous Delivery

- Jose Luis Soria Teruel
in Community Blogfeed

Charles Darwin published "On the Origin of Species" in 1859. It is somewhat remarkable that some of the theories enunciated in this work can be verified over 150 years later, in human knowledge fields such different from biology as software development.

The Software Revolution Behind LinkedIn’s Gushing Profits

- Scrum Admin
in Community Blogfeed

LinkedIn is a Wall Street darling, its stock up more than threefold in two years on soaring revenue, spiking profits, and seven straight quarters beating bankers’ estimates. But LinkedIn’s success isn’t just about numbers: an impressive acceleration of LinkedIn’s product cycl...

Agile, ALM, and Agile 2.0 — Putting the Cart Before the Horse???

- Ken Schwaber
in Community Blogfeed

Imagine my surprise when Agile 2.0 was “announced” at the recent EclipseCon 2013 in Boston. Here I am thinking the simple tenets so clearly outlined in the The Agile Manifesto of 2001 have yet to be fulfilled by most software organizations more than a decade later. Sure, some organizatio...

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