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Actionable Awareness: Unlock Your Influence

September 24, 2020
Whether you're trying to figure out how to help your team improve, just starting with a new team, or mentoring a Scrum Master, the key to unlocking your influence is the ability to have actionable awareness. In this webinar with Professional Scrum Trainer Mark Wavle, you will learn about and apply the Actionable Awareness Canvas and the set of skills it prompts you to use, pausing your own viewpoints, slowing down your thinking, and broadening your awareness.

Sprint Goal en Scrum

September 24, 2020
El compromiso del equipo de desarrollo durante el Sprint es lograr el Sprint Goal y con ello el impacto en los clientes y en el negocio. El éxito del Sprint está asociado al logro de este objetivo y a los cambios en el comportamiento de los clientes que se puede provocar con el uso del producto.

Wat doet een Scrum Master?

September 16, 2020
Dit is een veelgehoorde vraag van mensen die kennismaken met de Scrum Master rol. En ik merk dat ik het lastig vind om hier een antwoord op te geven. Natuurlijk, het gaat om het ‘continu verbeteren’ van menselijke interactie, vaardigheden, processen en technieken. En dit als ultiem doel om Scrum zo toe te passen dat de organisatie als geheel wendbaarder wordt. Maar dit antwoord geeft, naar mijn idee, nog geen goede invulling van de vraag: wat doe ik dan als Scrum Master?

Finding Value as a Product Owner

September 15, 2020
In this Webinar Professional Scrum Trainer Jim Sammons talks about the big "V" in Scrum, Value.  Much is said about this term, but what "is" value?  How do I find it? When I "think" I know what is valuable, what do I do next?  How can I validate the value with my customers? During this session Jim looks at some models around prioritizing work, understand what "negative value" is,  and how to order work to improve feedback loops.  All of this in the hope of delighting customers and user.  Jim gives some advice on what to do when value isn't well understood and we just need to "get it done".  

4 Ways to Coach with the Scrum Values

September 15, 2020
In this Scrum Tapas video, Professional Scrum Trainer Stephanie Ockerman looks at how Scrum Masters can use the Scrum Values as a starting point when coaching their Scrum Teams. She walks through some examples and experiences she has had coaching Scrum Teams. (4:33 Minutes)

How to Build Multi Vendor Scrum Teams

September 15, 2020
In this Scrum Tapas video, Professional Scrum Trainer Ravi Verma reflects on an experience that he had working for a client and being in the middle of conflict between the client and another party who was providing members of the Scrum Team. Ravi discusses the importance of ethics, trust, agile principles and the Scrum Values in such a relationship and why in the end, this particular relationship was not following a pattern for success. (6:21 Minutes)

Posturas del Product Owner

September 5, 2020
El Product Owner es un líder que actúa de acuerdo a diversos escenarios y circunstancias. Ser un líder que atraviesa y vive estas situaciones exige que pueda adoptar diferentes posturas que le permitan mejorar la entrega de valor.

Measuring Enterprise Agility

September 4, 2020
Is your organization really agile? How do you know? This whitepaper describes the foundation mindset, actions and behaviors of agile in four simple statements supported by 12 principles.