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Agile is a verb, not a noun

December 7, 2016
Are we there yet? It’s becoming like nails-on-a-chalkboard to hear phrases like “We’re going Agile” or “We’re doing this because it’s agile.” People are putting everything they can under the Agile umbrella, right down to clea

Books by Ken Schwaber

December 1, 2016
Here is a list of just some of the books that have been published by Founder Ken Schwaber

ScrumPulse #19 - Special Spanish Edition: Role of a Scrum Master

November 30, 2016
Sin importar donde estés en tu transición a Scrum, el rol del Scrum Master se puede malinterpretar muy fácilmente. En este webinar, Joel Francia -Professional Scum Trainer- nos guiará en la exploración de algunas preguntas comunes acerca del rol del Scrum Master y como puede afrontar las diferentes expectativas que se tienen sobre él. Para reflejar la diversidad de nuestra comunidad, este será el primer de mucho Scrum Pulses ofrecidos en Español.

The Nexus Integration Team

November 9, 2016
The Nexus Integration Team (NIT) is a new role that is essential within the Nexus™ framework. It is a role that is performed by a team of people. As described in the Nexus Guide, “the Nexus Integration Team exists to coordinate, coach, and supervise the application of Nexus and the operation of Scrum so the best outcomes are derived.”

A Code of Ethics for Software

November 3, 2016
Why does the software industry act differently from many other industries where a code of ethics isn't required to act "professionally"? Read more to learn how some of our PSTs think this should change.

The Product Owner as Steward

October 31, 2016
In the Professional Scrum Product Owner course, we teach that high performing Product Owners are entrepreneurial. They not only act with the business in mind, they have the authority to make important decisions. What should we do now versus later?

Software Ethics Panel Discussion

October 31, 2016
Watch our international panel of Professional Scrum Trainers, as they share ethical challenges they have seen software delivery teams face in the real world and learn about an interesting approach your teams might use to tackle these challenges.
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Whats your leader Persona?

October 24, 2016
You hear a lot in Agile circles these days about the ‘declining need for managers.’ We may not need the managers of yesterday but, make no mistake, we certainly need the leaders of tomorrow.

Hey Coach! Square Peg

October 10, 2016
In this edition of Hey Coach, PST Philippe Sauve looks at teams and the complex environment around us. This time we shall discuss the not-too-controversial topic of keeping track of work.

What is ScrumBut?

September 20, 2016
ScrumButs are reasons why teams can’t take full advantage of Scrum to solve their problems and realize the full benefits of product development using Scrum. Every Scrum role, rule, and timebox is designed to provide the desired benefits and address predictable recurring problems.

Transforming a 25,000+ Person Consulting Company to Become More Agile

September 14, 2016
In this session, Karel Deman, global agile lead at Avanade, and Patricia Kong, who leads the scaling initiative, will describe how Avanade improved their organizational agility. They will also share the successes and challenges Avanade faced in scaling ability across the enterprise to best deliver solutions to their clients using Scrum and agile practices.

Visualizing the Nexus Sprint Backlog

September 9, 2016
The Nexus Sprint Backlog is created during Nexus Sprint Planning. It is a visualization of the work across the Nexus that has dependencies. The purpose of Nexus Sprint Planning is to coordinate the activities of all Scrum Teams in a Nexus for a single Sprint. Read more to see what Professional Scrum Trainer Rob Maher and Product Owner for Enterprise Solutions Patricia Kong have to say.