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[VLOG] No Jacket Required! Dress Code For Your "Transformation"

November 16, 2023
Have you been part of an Agile or Scrum adoption that ran into challenges because some roles were not being performed effectively...? Did it cause frustration and unhealthy conflict...? Are you interested in a different way to respond to challenges with roles...? This video blog will share some ideas based on the Systems Coaching model created by CRR Global as part of their ORSC framework. This is a sequel to my video blog - The Ghosts Of Transformations Past.
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[VLOG] How To Become An Excellent Technology Professional? The 6 Dimensions Of Excellence

November 15, 2023
How can someone become an excellent technology professional? Should they just focus on the technical aspect of their profession? Or should they consider other aspects? In this video blog, I offer 6 dimensions that technology professionals could consider as they travel on the path of excellence. This is a sequel to my blog on this topic - "Who Is An Excellent Technology Professional?"
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[VLOG] Who Is An Excellent Technology Professional...?

November 14, 2023
Have you wondered what it takes to become an excellent technology professional? Is it the smartest developer / tester / (insert specialization here)? The one who can find the solution to the trickiest problem faster than anyone else? Or are there other factors that come into play? In this video blog, I share how my thoughts on this topic have evolved over my 25 year career in the technology industry, as I played different roles - from a developer, manager, director, Scrum coach to founder and CEO of a startup.
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[VLOG] The Ghosts & Spirits Of Transformations Past...

October 18, 2023
Have you ever joined an organization as a Scrum Master, Coach or Trainer with a smile on your face, good intentions in your mind and love in your heart, only to be received with inexplicable levels of hostility, contempt and aggression? Were you surprised about what was happening to you, why and what you might try next? Interested in a model that might help you make sense of what might be happening as a stepping stone to serve your organization? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this video blog might give you some ideas...
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[VLOG] The 10 Thinking Hats Of Scrum: Making Choices And Harnessing Conflict

September 19, 2023
Does your Scrum Team find itself locked into destructive conflicts where each team member is convinced that their way is the only way, the best way and that everybody else who dares to disagree is crazy? Are you interested in shifting the dynamic from an "us vs. them" adversarial conflict to an "us vs. the challenge" partnership? What would be like if your team could harness every conflict to reveal new possibilities the team can align around? In this video, I will share an approach using the 10 Thinking Hats Of Scrum that can help your Scrum Team elevate the context of your conversations by evaluating options in the human-centric context of the people the Scrum Team exists to serve.
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[VLOG] How Can Management Enable High-Performing Teams? A 10-Point Diagnostic

July 28, 2023
Managers in Agile organizations often struggle when their teams don't evolve into high-performing, self-managing teams. The struggle is to find the right balance between command and control management and being completely hands-off, letting the teams do whatever they want. How might a manager discover adjustments they can try to help their teams grow? this video blog might offer some ideas...
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[VLOG] How To Stop Wasting Your Agile "Transformation" Budget

January 11, 2023
Are you sick and tired of wasting your precious Agile "Transformation" budget? What questions could you explore as you send out RFP's, RFQ's, interview partners and write SOW's? Watch this video to learn 9 questions you can ask potential Agile "Transformation" partners so you stop wasting your "Transformation" budget.
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[VLOG] 7 Reasons Values Die In "Transformation"

January 3, 2023
Are you sick and tired of destroying precious time, money, goodwill, potential and value in the name of "transformation"? Do you want to learn 7 reasons why this keeps happening over and over again? Interested in learning 7 ways to stop this from happening? Watch this video and help your company stop sacrificing value at the altar of "transformation".
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[VLOG] 6 Ways To Unstuck Your Product Ownership

December 23, 2022
Is your Product Ownership consistently optimizing sustainable, measurable value from your products and services? Or do you feel that Product Ownership is stuck in your company? If you fall in the second category, this video blog is for you! You will learn 6 ways to get Product Ownership unstuck by combining ideas from the world of Scrum, Agile Product Management and Co-Active Coaching.
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[VLOG] 10 Interview Questions To Find Your Perfect Scrum Master (Or Agile Coach)

September 27, 2022
Are you in the market for a new Scrum Master or Agile Coach? Do you need any help in preparing questions for the job interviews? Here is a short video with 10 questions I would like you to consider based on what I have learned about the art and craft of Scrum Mastery and Agile Coaching from, the Co-Active Training Institute and the ROI Institute. Word of warning - there might be an unexpected twist towards the end of the video, in case you make it that far :)
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[VLOG] What Are The Two Biggest Sprint Review Mistakes? And How Can You Avoid Them?

October 29, 2021
The Sprint Review is one of the most crucial events that can help your organization maximize the value of the work done by the Scrum Team. However, in 10+ years of helping clients implement Scrum, we have discovered that the Sprint Review can be a massive waste of time because of two big mistakes. In this video, we explain what these two biggest mistakes are and how our clients have learned to avoid them.
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[VLOG] Intro to Scrum For Execs

October 26, 2020
On the 25th birthday of Scrum, I have a free gift for all Scrum practitioners... Do you know any Executive who is willing to spend 15 minutes to save 15% or more on the cost of their company's Scrum adoption...? ;)
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How To Become An Effective Agile Manager

August 26, 2020
What is the biggest mistake managers make as they transition from a traditional command and control culture to an agile culture based on Servant Leadership and Self-Organization? What is the single most important adjustment needed in an Agile manager's focus?
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14 Stances of Highly Effective Product Owners

July 12, 2017
The role of the Scrum Product Owner is probably the most misunderstood of the three Scrum Roles. As I look back at the different incarnations and interpretations I have seen of Product Ownership, I thought it was time to articulate the different stances I thought an Effective and Professional Scrum Product Owner might consider.