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Team Coaching with Org Topologies™

May 10, 2023
This article describes how I used the Org Topologies™ Map to coach a team toward ownership of their own agile transformation journey. Read this article to learn how Org Topologie™s can be applied to coaching the agnostic, framework-free thinking tool.
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An Introduction to Organizational Topologies™

February 28, 2023
Org Topologies™ is a map with recognizable organizational archetypes that you can use to discover, improve and communicate your agile transformation journey. The map will allow you to talk to Managers, Scrum Masters, Executives, Agile Coaches, and Product Owners using a common language to reflect on your challenges. Org Topologies will enable you to own and master your path toward higher states of adaptability, starting from wherever you are now. And thus, make your organization customer-focused, adaptive, and resilient in the face of change.
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Why Scrum Masters should consider PSM-II training.

April 13, 2022
When you aspire to a Scrum Master role, some form of certification on your resume is a must. offers the acclaimed PSM learning journey to support Scrum Masters to professionalise their skills. I am a Professional Scrum Trainer for and I have trained hundreds of Scrum Masters over the past few years.  Newcomers start their career with a PSM-I class to gain an understanding of Professional Scrum and the essence of the role of the Scrum Master. I observe that many experienced Scrum Masters hesitate to join a PSM-II class. Possibly that's because it is unclear to many what the PSM-II training has to offer.
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How to Measure Agile Maturity

April 7, 2022
When I coach, consult and teach classes, I often get questions about creating an agile maturity tool or defining agile maturity metrics. Agile Maturity metrics are used by many businesses to better understand their present agile practices and monitor to improve them. I understand the need for this kind of metric. I also noticed that the purpose and value of agile maturity metrics are misunderstood. This article will help you to find agile maturity metrics that bring value and offers a free maturity tool to download.
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Scrum en Côte d’Ivoire : Quel mélange !

August 9, 2021
Quand on parle de Scrum et d’Agilité, nous sommes habitués à penser à l’Amérique et à l’Europe, et non à l’Afrique. Je dois avouer que je suis totalement ignorant du niveau de Scrum et de l’Agile en Afrique. Inutile de dire que j’étais excité d’être invité en Côte d’Ivoire pour une formation PSM-1 et PSPO-1 dans la ville d’Abidjan.
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Scrum in Ivory Coast — Africa

August 3, 2021
When talking about applying Scrum and Agile, we are hardwired to think about America and Europe, not about Africa. I must confess I am totally ignorant about the status of Scrum and Agile in Africa. Needless to say, I was excited to be invited to Ivory Coast for a PSM-1 and PSPO-1 training in the city of Abidjan.
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Some Helpful Tips for Choosing Metrics

May 23, 2021
In an agile context, we use metrics to set performance goals, measure current conditions, define small improvement experiments and measure the effectiveness of the experiments in order to inspect and adapt goals and determine the next steps.
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Breaking News on the Daily Scrum!

September 26, 2020
As part of the Scrum Tapas video series, Professional Scrum Trainer Roland Flemm explores the myth that a Daily Scrum is status meeting and reveals in 2 minutes how to make your Daily Scrum event more valuable.
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What is Effective Servant Leadership™?

May 10, 2020
During a 20/20 vision on my writings, I discovered clusters of knowledge that are essential to Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches: Genuine coaching techniques, knowledge of psychological principles and above all, understanding and developing “Self” awareness.
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Systems Thinking episode #3: Mental Models

April 21, 2020
In this episode, I will try to show how understanding mental models can significantly improve the abilities of leaders like Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches and Managers. This is because Mental Models are at the core of knowledge and learning.
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Hiring the Right SM or PO

September 10, 2019
A customer I was working with asked me to help out with the intake process for recruiting a new Scrum Master and a new Product Owner. I asked them what they had so far. They provided a clear job description describing what they wanted to see from the candidates.
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The Flying Scrum Doctor

April 28, 2019
In your organization, some problems seem to recur, they are difficult to fix using the tools, tricks and practices you developed over the years as a manager. Maybe this problem is different and the perspective of an expert-outsider might help?